Call for Papers - Midwest Undergraduate Conference in Gender Studies

October 07, 2015 • Categories: Alumni and Students

The biannual Midwest Undergraduate Conference in Gender Studies

With our colleagues in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies at Saint Mary’s College, the Gender Studies Program hosted the first biannual Midwest Undergraduate Conference in Gender Studies for students enrolled in Midwestern colleges and universities on April 4-5 2014. This conference offers students a public forum to present their research and discuss the gender component of it in an interdisciplinary, academic setting. Its aim is to support the development of an undergraduate gender studies research community in the Midwest.…

Professor Wins ACLS Fellowship to Explore Political Philosophy in Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’

August 13, 2015 • Categories: Alumni and Students

Eileen Hunt Botting

Eileen Hunt Botting’s students have suggested, only half jokingly, that had someone only given Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s creature a hug, a lot of violence and tragedy could have been avoided. Botting, an associate professor of political science, has come to believe those students aren’t far from Shelley’s main point—that so much can go wrong when society shirks its responsibilities for its most vulnerable citizens. She will get to elaborate on that theory over the course of a year thanks to an American Council of Learned Societies fellowship supporting her book project, Frankenstein and the Question of Human Development.

Faculty awards honor exemplary work in undergraduate teaching and advising

May 08, 2015 • Categories: Alumni and Students

Presidential Seal

Twenty University of Notre Dame faculty members have received Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C., Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, and three have been honored with Dockweiler Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising.

The awards are presented by the Office of the Provost, but recipients are selected through a process that includes peer and student nominations.

Anthropologist Meredith Chesson Awarded NEH Grant

May 05, 2015 • Categories: Alumni and Students

Anthropologist Meredith Chesson in the field

Meredith Chesson, an associate professor in Notre Dame’s Department of Anthropology, has been awarded a three-year grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to continue fieldwork in Italy’s Bova Marina region. Her project—examining how human landscapes of the Mediterranean have changed over millennia—is an outgrowth of 18 years of research by the Bova Marina Archaeological Project (BMAP). The project is co-directed by Chesson, John Robb of the University of Cambridge, and Lin Foxhall of the University of Leicester, working under the auspices of the Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Calabria.

Congratulations to our 2015 Summer Internship Grant Recipients

April 28, 2015 • Categories: Alumni and Students

The Boehnen Summer Internship Grants are competitive grants that are awarded annually to Notre Dame Gender Studies undergraduate students who have secured unpaid summer internships that will help them analyze, understand, and gain valuable work experience in fields pertaining to Gender Studies. The internships may be at any organization or business, inside or outside the United States, insofar as the student makes a persuasive case for its relevance to his or her Gender Studies education. Our expectation is that the Boehnen Summer Internship Grants will help to offset living expenses for the students as they undertake their unpaid internship work; to that end, the student is expected to work full-time for the sponsoring agency, business, or organization (as they define full-time) and to explain to their supervisor that they have received funding that enables them to work full-time. All currently enrolled Gender Studies Majors and Minors are eligible to apply for these grants. The typical amount awarded is $2500. The typical length of the internship should be a minimum term of five (5) weeks with a maximum term of eight (8) weeks. However, the award amount and length of internship term are negotiable with respect to the specifics of each internship and these specifics should be described in detail in the “Statement of Purpose” of the grant application.…

Congratulations Angel Matos

April 27, 2015 • Categories: Alumni and Students

On behalf of the GSU and the GSU Awards Selection Committee, thank you so much for applying for the GSU's Instructor and Teaching Assistant awards this year. The selection committee was presented with an exceptional batch of applications this year; each application not only merits much praise in itself but also inspires a high standard toward which each Notre Dame graduate student should aim. We are happy and proud to hear of the amazing work you are all doing. …

Congratulations to our 2015 Summer Research Grant Recipients

April 24, 2015 • Categories: Alumni and Students

The Genevieve D. Willis Research Grant  is a competitive grant awarded to students in the Gender Studies Program who plan to undertake research in preparation for a senior thesis/essay in either Gender Studies or their primary major.  The grant awards up to $1,000 for expenses incurred during research, including, but not limited to, books and materials and travel expenses and accommodations.  Recipients of the grant have the opportunity to receive feedback on their work from faculty, graduate students, and fellow undergraduates and will be expected to submit their thesis/essay for the annual Genevieve D. Willis Gender Studies Senior Thesis Prize competition or the annual Philip L. Quinn Essay Prize competition.…

Congratulations to our Writing Award Recipients

April 22, 2015 • Categories: Alumni and Students

The Gender Studies Outstanding Essay Award, presented to a Notre Dame undergraduate for an outstanding essay on a topic related to gender studies:
The Philip L. Quinn Essay Prize, presented to a Notre Dame undergraduate for the best academic essay on a topic related to Gender Studies ($100).  This prize is named in honor of Professor Philip L. Quinn who taught in the Notre Dame Philosophy Department for many years and was a generous supporter of the Gender Studies Program.  The funds are provided by the Genevieve D. Willis Endowment for the Gender Studies Program.…

Nathan Winship Smith - MFA Thesis Show

March 27, 2015 • Categories: Alumni and Students

MFA thesis show opens Friday April 10th (5-7pm)  and  runs until May 17th

We have a link through the snite's website that is not yet open to the public... (for your eyes only right now , code = 2015, if you want to see the website... in process) here is the link:

Through Gendered Lenses 2015

March 19, 2015 • Categories: Alumni and Students

Our 2015 edition is here and free copies are available.  Feel free to stop by the office to pick one up or contact to request a copy be mailed to you.

Through Gendered Lenses– An Undergraduate Academic Journal in Gender Research and Scholarship

Through Gendered Lenses