Teaching Apprenticeships for Graduate Students

January 17, 2013 • Categories: Students and Alumni

Teaching Apprenticeships for Graduate Students

Two graduate students (who are in good standing in the Gender Studies Graduate Minor program) will be selected in the Spring. The following Fall, the two students will serve as teaching assistants in the Introduction to Gender Studies which will be taught by the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Gender (DUS). The students will participate in the annual review and updating of the syllabus, run a few lectures, help grade papers and exams, discuss papers with students and discuss the course regularly with the DUS. Then, in the Spring, the two graduate students will co-teach the Introduction to Gender Studies themselves, with the DUS in an advisory capacity. In the Fall, students will receive standard TA pay and in the Spring they will receive adjunct pay.

This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your graduate minor by getting concrete experience teaching Gender Studies.

Applicants should send a cover letter (including the name of their advisor and DGS and expected year of graduation), c.v.,  and list of courses taken in Gender Studies. Applicants do not need to have had teaching experience to apply.

Deadline for application submission is no later than Noon on or before the 2nd Friday of February.  Documentation should be sent electronically to .


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