Terry McDonnell

Terry McDonnell is a Kellogg Assistant Professor in Sociology. He is a cultural sociologist (PhD 2009, Northwestern University) who studies the role of objects and media in everyday life. More specifically, he questions what makes particular cultural objects powerful (and others not) by following the often unanticipated pathways that culture travels once it leaves the design studio, the ad agency, and the publisher. Much of his work on gender and sexuality is in the context of his work on HIV/AIDS campaigns in Ghana, published in the American Journal of Sociology (2010), Social Psychology Quarterly (2008) and his book Best Laid Plans: Cultural Entropy and the Unraveling of AIDS Media Campaigns (University of Chicago Press 2016). Other work has addressed the relationship between gender and cultural practices of reading and internet use, published in the Annual Review of Sociology (2005) and Information Technology and International Development (2007). His interests in gender studies include the study of sexualities, masculinities, queer theory, gender and culture/media, and HIV/AIDS.
Department of Sociology bio   tmcdonn2@nd.edu    574/631-7599

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