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Pam Wojcik CF

Pamela Wojcik is a Professor in Film, TV and Theatre and Concurrent Faculty in American Studies and Gender Studies. Her work focuses on American film, with particular emphasis on issues of gender, performance, genre, and space. Professor Wojcik has published widely on female stars, female performance, aspects of queer culture, and gender and space.  She is author of Fantasies of Neglect: Imaging the Urban Child in American Film and Fiction (Rutgers UP 2016), The Apartment Plot: Urban Living in American Film and Popular Culture, 1945 to 1975 (Duke UP 2010), and Guilty Pleasures: Feminist Camp from Mae West to Madonna (Duke UP 1996).  She has edited anthologies on film and popular music, film acting, and film stars of the 1960s.  Recent articles include: “Tumbling Blocks and Queer Ladders: Notions of Home in The Big Heat”  in Companion to Fritz Lang,ed. Joe McElheney (Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, 2014), “Menus for Men or What Have You: Consuming Gay Male Culture in Lou Rand Hogan’s The Gay Detective and The Gay Cookbook” in 1960s Gay Pulp Fiction: The Misplaced Heritage, ed. Wayne Gunn and Jaime Harker (University of Massachusetts Press, 2013), “The Author of this Claptrap: Cornell Woolrich, Alfred Hitchcock and Rear Window” in Hitchcock and His Sources, ed. David Boyd and R. Barton Palmer (University of Texas Press, 2011), “The Streisand Musical” in The Sound of Musicals (BFI  2010), and “Judy Holliday: Hungry Star” in Star Decades: The Fifties (Rutgers UP 2010).

Select courses: The Movie Musical, The Apartment Plot, The Child in Film, Sinatra, Gender and Space, and Sex and Gender in Cinema

Department of Film, Television, and Theatre bio   574/631-8599
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