NAWCHE Making Connections X Conference

Location: Seattle University - June 16-17, 2011

CALL FOR PAPERS - deadline January 28, 2011

NAWCHE Making Connections X: Sustaining the Earth, the Self, and Women in Catholic Higher Education—Present and Future Visions
Seattle University, June 16-17, 2011

We are excited to send our Call for Papers for our forthcoming NAWCHE Conference, and we look forward to you presenting at the conference.  We also ask that you distribute this announcement widely to faculty, administrators/staff, and students, across your campus.  We so look forward to hosting you at this important conference to be held at Seattle University--NAWCHE's new home institution on west coast! 

Call for Papers: The National Association for Women in Catholic Higher Education (NAWCHE) will hold its biennial Making Connections conference on the campus of its new home institution, Seattle University, from June 16-17, 2011.

Renowned Keynote Speakers: International speaker and author of several books, Edwina Gateley, who founded the Volunteer Missionary Movement and Genesis House, will deliver a talk on ways in which women can care for ourselves, while sustaining our environment and our college/university campuses through difficult times.  Latina author/activist, Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs, Ph.D., who is dedicated to expanding the subjectivity of women of color and to issues of sustainability, will read from her book of poetry titled Human Sustainability and from her humorous novel titled Fresh as a Lettuce

Conference Theme:  Our conference themes center on a variety of ways that women are contributing and will contribute to sustaining the earth, ourselves as women, and our professional lives as women in Catholic higher education.  The broad scope of our theme invites Faculty, Administrators, Staff, Students, and Alumni to propose panels and workshops on any issues related to women in Catholic higher education, and papers might address, but are not limited to:


Sustaining the Earth: Women and Gender Studies programs as sites for learning and engagement for sustainability; Pedagogical techniques for Women and Gender Studies in sustainability awareness; Interdisciplinary approaches to Women and Gender Studies and sustainability; Global perceptions of women, education, and sustainability; Women, Catholic social justice, and sustainability; Tensions between academia and women’s sustainability activism.


Sustaining the Self: Sustainable personal/professional self-care for women in Catholic higher education; Finding a work-life-spiritual balance in the academy; Parenting and working in Catholic higher education; Synergistic self-care and sustainability; Campus and disciplinary challenges /supports for sustainable teaching.

Sustaining Progress toward Equality:  Experiences of educational and economic equity for women; Experiences of progress toward equity that has stalled; Definitions of progress, definitions of equity, definitions of gender justice.

Sustaining the Vision: Blueprints and strategies for change in the household, the academy, the workplace; Sustaining or re-visioning second-wave feminism; Third-wave feminist visions.

Sustaining Women Religious: The increasing gap between aging women religious and the decreasing number of young women entering the vocations; multiple and inspiring ways that women religious cultivate self-care and spiritual growth; reflections on women religious as model ministers of sustainability for secular women during challenging emotional, physical, health, and economic difficulties; methods and motivations of women religious with particular affinities for fusing spirituality with sustainability of the earth; and more.

Sustaining NAWCHE: Memoirs and testimonials of the history of NAWCHE (1992-2009); Future visions for NAWCHE as a vital organization for faculty, administrators, and students in Catholic higher education; Proposed visions for NAWCHE going global to become the National/International Association for Women in Catholic Higher Education (N/IAWCHE).    

Additional paper topics and creative presentations, including readings of poetry, novel and drama excerpts, and performance pieces related to conference themes are welcome.

Please send paper and panel proposals by Friday, January 28, 2011 to

Also, please check our NAWCHE Website for periodic updates and additional information about the conference:


Conference Organizers: Mary-Antoinette Smith, Ph.D., Executive Director, NAWCHE, Conference Chair, Director, Women Studies, Seattle University; Victoria Kill, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty, English, Seattle University; Stacey Jones, Senior Lecturer, Albers School of Business and Economics, Seattle University, Vanessa Castaneda, Senior Administrative Assistant, Seattle University