Call for Papers - 7th International Gender and Language Association Conference

Location: Sao Leopoldo, Brazil

7th International Gender and Language Association Conference IGALA 7 June 20-22, 2012 São Leopoldo, Brazil


Abstract Submission Deadline: November 30, 2011

IMPORTANT NEWS below: Conference travel bursaries & hotel and flight booking

IGALA 7 (7th International Gender and Language Association Conference) invites submissions for oral presentations, posters, organized round tables (aka panels), and workshops on all scientific approaches and disciplines to analyzing and interpreting the relationships among language, gender and sexuality.

With the theme *Resignifying Gender and Sexuality in Language and Discourse*, IGALA 7 aims to bring together scholars from diverse fields of knowledge as well as geographical regions who are interested in broadening and deepening our understanding of the complex relationships among language, gender and sexuality. In so doing, we encourage new ways of signifying these concepts and their interrelationships, in the following conference thematic areas:

1. Gender, sexuality, body and identities;
2. Gender, sexuality and health;
3. Gendered performances as discourse;
4. Gender and (dis)empowerment;
5. Gender, class, ethnicity and age;
6. Gender, sexuality and institutions;
7. Gender, media and technology;
8. Gender and violence.


General Submission Guidelines:

1. In order to start any submission, authors and co-authors must first be registered with the IGALA 7 website at:  Make note of your username and password as you will need them later for keeping track of your submission process, editing your conference website profile, etc.

2. Even though English is the official language of IGALA 7, proposals in Portuguese and Spanish will also be accepted. However, due to the international nature of the event and the goal of promoting the exchange of ideas among different nationalities, submissions in English are strongly encouraged.

3. Both *Conference track* and *Session type* refer to the format of your presentation (oral presentation, poster, round table or workshop). Please choose the same format on both items.

4. Your abstract should be written in the language in which you intend to present your paper.

5. If you are using the Portuguese or Spanish version of the website and wish to submit your presentation in one of these two languages, in order for the system to accept special characters such as ~ and ^, you must select English in the field called *Idioma do formulário* or *Idioma del formulario* on the second page of the submission process. Titles of the submissions should not exceed 30 words.

6. Abstracts will be blindly reviewed, so authors should not include their names or otherwise reveal their identity anywhere in the body of the abstract. There are appropriate fields on the conference website submission page where all of the authors* names should be informed.

7. Authors must fill in the keyword field when submitting their abstracts (there is a specific field for that), as those will be used for thematic, discipline and methodological organization of the presentations. Your first keyword should be a choice among the 8 thematic areas of the conference, followed by other keywords specific to your submission (minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 keywords).

8. All authors and co-authors must pay their conference registration fee by February 29, 2012 in order to have proposals included in the conference final program.

Registration payment deadlines:

*All registration prices include the IGALA 7 conference dinner, to happen on June 21, 2012.

Early bird registration payment (in Brazilian Reais) Closing date: January 31, 2012

Professionals: R$ 250

Students (all) & professionals from Less Economically Developed Countries (including Brazilian students and professionals): R$ 200

Regular registration payment (in Brazilian Reais) Closing date: February 29, 2012

Note: This is the very final deadline for registration payment by authors and co-authors in order to have their proposals included in the conference final program.

Professionals: R$ 300

Students (all) & professionals from Less Economically Developed Countries (including Brazilian students and professionals): R$ 240

Late registration payment (open for non-presenters only) as of March 1st, 2012

Professionals: R$ 320

Students (all) & professionals from Less Economically Developed Countries (including Brazilian students and professionals): R$ 260

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9. All presenters must be members of IGALA by April 1st, 2012, as stated at:  Join/renew your IGALA membership at:

10. IGALA 7 Conference Proceedings are yet to be confirmed.

11. For inquiries please email


Presentation Format Specific Submission Guidelines:

Oral Presentations will be 20 minutes each, with an 8-minute question-and-answer period. (This allows for two minutes for the change in presenters etc.) Abstracts should not exceed 250 words. Authors may submit one single-authored and one jointly-authored oral presentation abstracts, or two jointly-authored oral presentation abstracts.

Posters will be presented at a special schedule at the conference, when authors should be present. Posters are typically a good format for presentations where visual display of tables, graphs, maps, etc. is particularly important. Abstracts for posters should not exceed 250 words, excluding title. Note that all posters presented at IGALA 7 will run for the Best IGALA 7 Poster Prize.

Round Tables (also known as Panels) should be organized around a specific theme or topic. Each round table should be composed of no more than three speakers in one 90 minute slot, and allow at least 15 minutes for questions and general discussion. The body of the round table proposal (abstract) should consist of: (1) a general description of the round table not exceeding 150 words that highlights the round table*s theme and importance; immediately followed by (2) a title and a 250 word abstract for each of the presentations within the round table. In the appropriate fields on the abstract submission page, names and affiliation of all round table presenters must be listed. The first author on the list will be understood as the round table organizer and is responsible for writing the panel proposal and gathering abstracts from each presenter.

Workshops should provide a forum for open discussion or exploration of issues of interest to the conference themes. Workshops will be scheduled into 90 minute slots in the regular program. Workshop proposals should be no longer than 250 words.


Some important dates

* Abstract Submission Deadline: November 30, 2011

* Notification of reviewers* decision: January 15, 2012

* Deadline for early bird registration payment by: January 31, 2012

* Final deadline for conference registration payment (for your submission to be included in the conference program): February 29, 2012

* Deadline for becoming an IGALA member: April 1st, 2012.



Booking hotels & flights: IGALA 7 has closed an agreement with a local travel agency, Arquipelago Viagens, to be the official travel agency for IGALA 7. Such an agreement includes the sale of airline tickets at discounted rates to conference participants (discounts are restricted to some airlines). Hotel reservations will also be handled by Arquipelago Viagens. For flight and hotel rates and reservations, please contact Francisco Weinmann at: <> or <>. Arquipelago Viagens website:

Bursaries: IGALA will offer a limited number of travel bursaries for scholars attending and presenting a paper or poster at the IGALA 7 Conference in Brazil. Details about the submission process for travel bursaries will be announced in January 2012. Important: among other criteria, all potential applicants for travel bursaries must have had an abstract accepted by the conference reviewers.


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