Show Some Skin: It's Complicated


Location: Carey Auditorium/Hesburgh Library

Show Some Skin: It’s Complicated
Admission is FREE
April 4-5, 7:30 pm
April 6, 7:00pm
Carey Auditorium/Hesburgh Library
Show Some Skin Core Team: Christopher Ayala, Edithstein Cho, Hunter Speese, Yunjung Jung and Lucas Garcia

This project is a performance of narratives written and submitted anonymously by members of the Notre Dame community.  The performance challenges the audience to consider different dimensions of identity, and to examine the impact they have on human interaction and communication, especially at ND.  The Show Some Skin student team, along with our faculty advisors, Professor Maria McKenna, Professor Nicole MacLaughlin and Dr. Cecelia Lucero, believe that art and storytelling are powerful vehicles for enhancing the conversations about diversity, and engage the community in a way that other events do not.

This project started from “Asiatic Gaze,” a biweekly column in the Observer, our response to what the writers saw as a lack of conversation about race relations at Notre Dame. We recognized that there was a strong need for a racial dialogue on campus, and last year, we put on a show helped to facilitate discussion on race experience and race relations on campus. You can see clips from the show on the YouTube channel link below; check back often as the production team will be uploading more clips in the run-up to the April performances.

Like last year, the show will be comprised of twenty to thirty monologues performed by student actors (who are not the writers). Because identity is complicated, the focus of this year’s Show Some Skin has shifted slightly; the performance is no longer focused solely on race experience. Although many of the stories are about race and ethnicity, the production team has also included monologues about other facets of personal identity.  This is our effort to share unheard voices from members of the Notre Dame family. The call for submissions elicited many compelling and deeply personal stories.

The many people who are giving their time to this production are passionate about enhancing discourse about race, gender, class, and other difficult topics related to identity on campus. Their dedication and support have made Show Some Skin possible.

Co-Sponsored by Gender Studies Program