Bursting Gender's Bubble

Location: Notre Dame Campus/McKenna Hall

Bursting Gender's Bubble, An Interdisciplinary Gender Studies Conference

April 4-5, 2014

McKenna Hall (210/214)

Let’s break open the bubble…

Sponsored by the GeNDer Studies Program of the University of Notre Dame

and the Gender and Women's Studies program of St. Mary’s College

The University of Notre Dame, along with co-sponsors Saint Mary’s College will host an undergraduate conference for Gender Studies on April 4 & 5, 2014 on Notre Dame’s campus in South Bend, Indiana. Submissions focusing on any area of original research-based scholarship in gender studies (including, but not limited to, work in literary criticism, sociology, theology, anthropology, economics, psychology, biology) have been accepted from colleges and universities in the Midwest. We welcomed scholarship that dealt with the significance of gender—and the cognate subjects of sex, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, religion, and nationality—in all areas of human life, especially in the social formation of human identities, practices, and institutions.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Panel 1: Policy and its Effects [9:00-10:15]

            Chair: Sonalini Sapra

Abigail Bartels, University of Notre Dame, “Someone Love Me. No, Not You: The Republican Party’s Southern Strategy and Its Effect on Women.”

Shannon Paisley Israelsen, Purdue University, “A Feminist Case Study: Lise Meitner and German Science”

Danielle Meirow, Grand Valley State University, “The Leaky Pipeline: Women Pursuing Careers in Medicine”


Panel 2: Economics and Gender [10:30-11:30]

            Chair: Susan Ohmer

Brittany E. Fortenbaugh, Washington and Jefferson College, “The Commodification of Self”

Katie Lee, University of Notre Dame, “Gendered Curriculum Outside the Classroom: An Inside Look at Business School”

Margaret S. Walsh, University of Notre Dame, “Declining Female Happiness: The Drastic Gender Gap in Subjective Well-Being Among Singles”


Panel 3: Gender and Performance [11:45-12:45]

            Chair: Pamela Wojcik

Mara Walsh, University of Notre Dame, “Who Runs the World? Pop-Feminism, Race, and Class in Beyoncé’s Mrs. Carter Show Tour”

Maria Kosse, University of Notre Dame, “Striptease: The Politics of Neo-Burlesque”

Cait Ogren, University of Notre Dame, “Sexpots and Servants: Latina Representations on Contemporary Scripted Television”

Kylie Garabed and Christa Costello, Saint Mary’s College, “Media Study in Masculinity: Shift in Fatherhood in Original Movies and Their Remakes”


Lunch: 1:00-2:00


Panel 4: Constructing Masculinities [2:15-3:15]

            Chair: Gail Bederman

Abigail Burgan, Kelsey Collins, Kaley Kubiak, and Helena Shannon, Saint Mary’s College, “Consumerism for Today's Sports Fan: Selling Masculinity in Sports Illustrated

Alexander Killen, University of Notre Dame, “A Mic for the Marginalized: Gender, Generation and Ugandan Hip-Hop”

Angela Bukur, Lucy Macfarlane, Kristin Murphy, and Hannah Richmond; Saint Mary’s College, “Combat Boots and Varsity Jackets: Hegemonic Masculinity Portrayed in Teen Movies”


Break – 3:30-4:30 – Arts & Letters Thesis Celebration, O’Shaughnessy Great Hall


Panel 5: Feminist Activism [4:45-6:00]

            Chair: Ruth Abbey

Haley Van Cleve, University of Minnesota-Morris, “Teaching access and agency: blogging toward liberatory feminist praxis”

Cicely Hunter, Marquette University, “It's a Woman's World: Defining the Complexity of Amy Jacques Garvey”

Abigail Burgan, Saint Mary’s College, “Advocating for Reproductive and Sexual Health at the International Level: A Comparative Study of International Women's Health”

Lindsay Dun, University of Notre Dame, “Smashing the Lonely Mirror: Feminist Mobilization in Italy”


Dinner: 6:30 - Legends
Screening of Philomena: 8:00 - Browning Cinema, DPAC


Saturday April 5, 2014

Panel 6: Sexuality [9:00-10:00]

            Chair: Abigail Palko

Molly Gray, Purdue University, “’Men Their Creation Mar’: Construction of Female Virginity in   Measure for Measure”

Payton Alexi Moore, Saint Mary’s College, “Sexual Christian Inclusiveness: Mutual Pleasure”

Robles, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Christianity=Queer Theo(logy)ry”


Panel 7: Textual Identities [10:15-11:15]

            Chair: Jason Ruiz

Eric Hankin, Indiana University-South Bend, “Something Queer This Way Comes: The Emergence of Pansexuality in Walt Whitman”

Nicole Nance, Oberlin College, “Black Female Self-Representation and Respectability in Literature”

Paulina Nava, DePaul University, “Recognizing the ‘Xican@’ within the Chicano art label”


Panel 8: Sexual Agency [11:30-12:30]

            Chair: Jaimie Wagman

Michelle Mowry, University of Notre Dame, “The Notre Dame Hookup Culture”

Olivia Gehrich, Marian University of Indianapolis, “The Sacrament of Sexual Agency: A Feminist Critique of Mary Gordon’s Final Payments

Michael Prideaux, University of Minnesota-Morris, “The Pink Rope: Feminism, Sex Positivity and the Morality of BDSM”


Lunch 12:30-1:30


Panel 9: Sexual Assault [1:30-2:30]

            Chair: Elizabeth McClintock

Kaliegh Fields, Saint Mary’s College, “Perceptions of Sexual Violence: Views of Sexual Assault on College Campuses”

Amber Joy Powell, Marquette University, “Blaming the Victim: A Look at Sexual Assault  Adjudication in the Milwaukee County Courthouse”

Aayat Ali, University of Michigan-Dearborn, “Safe Spaces on the University of Michigan- Dearborn campus”


Panel 10: Family Formation [2:45-3:45]

            Chair: Stacy Davis

Nicki Hames and Erin Farrell, Hope College, “The Stability of Mate Standards Over a Nine-Month Period”

Abigail Madsen, Saint Mary’s College, “Construction of Ethnic Identity in Korean Adoptees Adopted into American Families”

Cara Firestein, Arianna Thelen, and Allison Sheets, Saint Mary’s College, “Consumer Fatherhood: An Analysis of How "The Father Life" Constructs Being a Father”




Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, Department of Romance Languages & Literatures, Department of American Studies, Department of Theology, Department of History, Interdisciplinary Minor in Education, Schooling & Society, Department of Economics, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

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