Traveling Inside the Body: Organs, Fluids, and Representation


Location: Eck Visitor's Center Auditorium

Provost's Distinguished Women's Lecturer

Professor Helen King
Open University, England

Traveling Inside the Body: Organs, Fluids, and Representation

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 6:00pm
Eck Visitor’s Center Auditorium

How did people in the past think about the insides of their bodies?
This illustrated lecture will take us from the ancient Greeks to the twenty-first century. We will explore the role of dissection in changing professional medical views, but also the assumptions ordinary people made by using images of the body taken from their daily lives – whether that was thinking of the body as a kitchen, a garden, a factory, or a battlefield. We’ll investigate the shift from focusing on the body as a collection of fluids, to concentrating on the organs.

Co-sponsored by ISLA, Department of Classics, History and Philosophy of Science Program, Philip S. and Joan C. Coogan Endowment for Excellence in the History of Medicine, Department of History, Program for Liberal Studies, and Gender Studies Program. 

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