A Story with a Happy Ending?


Location: 119 O'Shaughnessy

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A Story with a Happy Ending?
The Post-Reunion Experiences of Transnational Korean Adoptees, Birth Mothers, and Adoptive Mothers

How do Korean adoptees in the United States begin their journey to search for their birth mothers, and what happens at the end of their journey? Is their reunion “a story with a happy ending?”

SINA LEE, PhD Candidate, Women’s Studies
University of Maryland

Thursday, April 25
O’Shaughnessy 119

Lee examines the journeys undertaken by transnational Korean adoptees who seek reunion with their birth mothers (and other family members) and their post-reunion experiences in South Korea. Through an appreciation of these encounters, Lee argues that we need to hear the voices of those whose lives have been affected by transnational adoption, move beyond the binary approach (altruism vs. imperialism), and thus complicate the theoretical debates about transnational adoption.