2011 Boehnen Summer Internship Grant Recipients

Author: Linnie Caye

Congratulations to Maureen Choman '12 and Katherine Lukas '12 our 2011 Boehnen Summer Internship Grant Recipients.

Maureen Choman '12
Physiology Lab of Dr. Annette Gabaldón, Colorado State University at Pueblo, Department of Biology

Maureen will work under the supervision of Dr. Annette Gabaldón, who studies the physiology of aging. This summer, Dr. Gabaldón will be studying bone density in mice through experiments analyzing mechanical strength, ash content and mineral composition; bone density is related to osteoporosis, a disease that affects men and women differently, with a higher number of incidences occurring in women. Maureen hopes to take advantage of the opportunities that this position offers to contribute to knowledge about an issue that affects the health of women and the aging population and to explore the possibility of a career in research science, a field in which women are underrepresented. 

Katherine Lukas '12
The Female Factor, Chicago, IL
Katherine’s internship at The Female Factor will give her the opportunity to conduct research into marketing practices vis-à-vis gender: while advertising too often treats the marketplace as a monolithic whole, Katherine’s research will look into ways that men and women approach purchasing decisions differently. This information could enable companies to target consumer preferences more accurately. Katherine sees this internship as an opportunity to focus particularly on gender as it relates to business within the broader field of marketing research.