Call for Undergraduate Papers - Through Gendered Lenses (Deadline extended)

Author: Linnie Caye

Undergraduate Academic Journal

Through Gendered Lenses– An Undergraduate Academic Journal in Gender Research and Scholarship

Through Gendered Lenses is an academic journal published by Triota, the Gender Studies Honor Society, created to foster research in the broad field of Gender Studies and to highlight excellent gender-related work being done by undergraduate students across the university. We welcome submissions from all disciplines. Submissions must focus on topics related to gender, including but not limited to sexuality, religion, politics, the family, media, health, economics, culture, and violence.  Paper submissions are due on Monday, February 5 by 5:00 PM. We encourage students not to wait until the deadline to submit the paper. The Journal will be released in April.

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions should each have two cover pages.

First Cover Page must include:

  • Student's name
  • Student's email
  • Major(s)/Minor(s)
  • Title of paper
  • The name of any other publication where the submission is being considered
  • A statement confirming that the essay has not previously been published
  • Details about IRB approval (if necessary)

Second Cover Page must include:

  • TITLE of paper

Submission needs to be double-spaced 12-pt font, in .doc format, without student name in header, and in English.  Submissions should be sent to .

Written submissions should be 10-40 pages in length and must represent original scholarship by the author.  All submissions will be vetted by the Journal's editorial board, which is comprised of various members of the Gender Studies Honor Society. It will select a range of papers and/or artistic works that will represent gender scholarship across disciplines and departments. The most outstanding submissions will be published in the hard copy of the Journal. We look forward to receiving your submissions!