Congratulations Angel Matos

Author: Linnie Caye

On behalf of the GSU and the GSU Awards Selection Committee, thank you so much for applying for the GSU's Instructor and Teaching Assistant awards this year. The selection committee was presented with an exceptional batch of applications this year; each application not only merits much praise in itself but also inspires a high standard toward which each Notre Dame graduate student should aim. We are happy and proud to hear of the amazing work you are all doing. 

After careful review, the GSU has named the following winners and honorable mentions for the Instructor and Teaching Assistant Awards: 


Outstanding Graduate Instructor Award Winner:  
Angel Matos, English

Outstanding Graduate Instructor Award Honorable Mention:
Daniel Escher, Sociology

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award Winner: 
Meghan Cain, Psychology

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award Honorable Mention: 
 Kathryn Boehlefeld, 
Political Science

Winners will be awarded $300 and honorable mentions $100. Congratulations, and, again, thank you to all who applied for the awards this year!


Michelle Comas, GSU Internal Events Chair

Kyle Watson, GSU Co-Vice President

Tony Cunningham, GSU Co-Vice President

Kathryn Boehlefeld, GSU President


GSU Outstanding Teaching Award