Hailey Fulwider '19

Author: Andrea Martinez Dominguez

Graduation year: 2019

Majors/Minors: English major, Gender Studies & Irish Literature and Language minors


This summer (2017), I was lucky enough to be chosen as a recipient of the Boehnen Summer Internship Grant. Thanks to the Boehnen family, I was able to work at a small marketing and event planning company in order to observe the way that gender plays a role in the business world. Not only did I gain wonderful insight into the workings of a small, female-run business, but I also was able to incorporate my English major in my duties as well as focus intensely on women who own their own businesses. I am extremely grateful to the Boehnens that I was afforded this opportunity to try something new and extremely educational, and I know I will continue to utilize everything I learned in the rest of my Gender Studies classes here on campus.