Kayla O'Connor '16

Author: Andrea Martinez Dominguez

Kayla Oconnor

Graduation year: 2016

Majors/Minors: English and Gender Studies majors


In the past three years Gender Studies has provided me with the opportunity to take classes that caught my interest and broadened my world view. From rock and roll, to American history, to queer narratives I've explored how gender, woven together with other aspects of identity, affects our everyday lives in ways I never imagined before I took Intro. to Gender Studies freshman year. With the help of a Boehnen Grant through the GS department I was able to apply some of this classroom knowledge in a real world setting. Interning at the St. Joseph County Public Library in Children's Services demonstrated the pervasiveness of issues of gender. Through both the subject matter of the books kids were reading and their conversations at library events I saw that children are constantly aware of how their gender affects their lives. After graduation I hope to go on to get my Masters of Library Science and continue to ask important, probing questions that I've learned while majoring in Gender Studies.