Call for Stories - Loyal Daughters and Sons

Author: Linnie Caye

The Call for Stories has been extended to December 10th!
Loyal Daughters and Sons, now in its 10th year, gathers anonymous stories from community members about gender issues, gender identity, sexuality, and sexual assault at Notre Dame. We then take those stories and adapt them for the stage, so that we can tell the stories that otherwise would not be heard. You may have seen our "Tell Your Story" posters, featuring anonymous quotes about many of these issues, around campus. Those are some of the stories other people have shared anonymously, with us or on social media, and now we want to hear your story.
We want to build on the conversation about sexual violence that has been growing on campus over the past two years, so this year our theme is asking "What's Next?" This question is relevant when it comes to sexual assault, but it is also relevant to our community on addressing the other issues around gender, sexuality, and identity.
We want to present a wide range of experiences and beliefs on these issues, and we need your submissions to do it!
If you have a story or an opinion on any of these issues, you can submit it anonymously on our website,, or set up a confidential interview with us by emailing You can also go to our website if you want to learn more about the production. The new deadline for submissions is December 10th!
Skyler Hughes
Natalie Vos
Shannon Sheehan
Dominic Acri
Beth Orem
Production Team, Loyal Daughters and Sons 2015-2016
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Loyal Daughters and Sons is a student run production that tells students' anonymous stories of sexuality, gender, and sexual assault on the Notre Dame campus. They are looking for people that are interested in acting in the production, participating in awareness events, and/or assisting in the general running of the production. If you are interested in being involved please email Natalie Vos at