Nathan Winship Smith - MFA Thesis Show

Author: Linnie Caye

MFA thesis show opens Friday April 10th (5-7pm)  and  runs until May 17th

We have a link through the snite's website that is not yet open to the public... (for your eyes only right now , code = 2015, if you want to see the website... in process) here is the link:

Nathan Winship Smith – MFA Art History/Ceramics, Gender Studies Graduate Minor

Artist Statement:
My thesis work has to do with gender construction, and specifically the true and false stereotypes and assumptions we make, live out, and pass down to our children regarding gender conditioning.  I view these artworks as future vestiges from our contemporary culture.  The seemingly heavy dense stones that the imagery is prepared on represent the illusion of gender, that gender is a social construction that only seems to be permanently set in stone.  The appearances these timeworn stone artifacts have behave as an inquiry of just how far back the foundations of gender conditioning goes.  Contemporary imagery pulled from pop culture, modern advertisements, diagrams, and my own personal experience further ridicule how stupefying gender assumptions have become.  It is my hope that these creations work to subvert and ridicule gender construction and conditioning as well as confront and challenge our individual assumptions and stereotypes that we have about our perception of gender identity.