New podcast, “Pedagogies for Peace,” to focus on intersectional and decolonial teaching strategies

Author: Hannah Heinzekehr

Pedagogies For Peace

A new podcast from the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies will take an introspective look at teaching and research through decolonial and intersectional lenses. The podcast, Pedagogies for Peace, is hosted by two Kroc Institute faculty members: Ashley Bohrer, assistant professor of gender and peace studies, and Justin de Leon, visiting assistant professor. 

Both Bohrer and de Leon draw on their experiences as academics, and as activists, artists, and peacebuilders outside academia, to host robust conversations on strategies for creating more just and equitable classrooms.

“While in graduate school many of us are extensively trained in how to do research, so often the mechanics of how to teach, and especially how to teach  in a way that is informed by critical theories, feminist theories, indigenous studies and unsettling exisiting hierarchies of power in the academia is almost never talked about,” says Bohrer. 

Throughout the first season, Bohrer and de Leon host conversations with five scholar-practitioners from various disciplines about their strategies, tips, and tricks for intersectional teaching. Guests include Tiffany Lethabo King, Associate Professor of African-American Studies and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Georgia State University; Sheryl Lightfoot, Canada Research Chair in Global Indigenous Rights and Politics Associate Professor of First Nations and Indigenous Studies and Political Science at the University of British Columbia; William Paris, Frank B. Weeks Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Wesleyan University; Miguel Gualdrón Ramírez, Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at the University of North Texas; and Kelsey Wrightson, Executive Director at the Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning. 

“If we’re trying to change the world, we need to try to figure out how to teach about how to change the world,” said de Leon. “And we also need to figure out how to create classrooms that represent that world we want to be living in...We’re trying to make room for ourselves, for others, for non-hegemonic or non-Western ways of thinking. Ultimately, I think this is about survival.”

New episodes will be posted each week on Monday. The trailer episode and the interview with Paris are now available at, as well as on Apple PodcastsStitcher, Spotify, and TuneIn. The show will be live on Google Podcasts soon. 

Introducing Pedagogies for Peace

The podcast is part of the Kroc Institute’s Intersectionality and Justice initiative growing out of the Institute’s 2018-2023 strategic plan. Music for the podcast was created by David Hazardous, and artwork was created by Dona Park


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Originally published by Hannah Heinzekehr at on November 10, 2020.