Raise Your Vibe Workshop

Author: Linnie Caye

Raise Your Vibe! - Posture for Personal Power Workshop sponsored by the Gender Studies Program and co-sponsored by Women in Arts & Letters was offered to ND faculty and staff on December 15, 2015.  The workshop's goal was to learn how to combine good posture, positive body-language and meditation throughout your day to activate your personal power and feel more empowered in all areas of life instantly...in love, school, work and family.

Patricia Kirk is a University of Notre Dame Alumna ('80) and offered her services free of charge.

Women, Meditation, GOOD POSTURE - This program includes Postural Exercises and Body-Meditations™

Ms. Kirk’s Message:

Life is good with good posture. Our fit body is our true inspiration in life. It’s all in our vibration!

Good Posture is key to your success and happiness. Good Posture raises your vibration activating your potential. Good Posture is the quintessential body/mind/spirit experience—it grounds, aligns, balances, and uplifts your body opening the channels to your inner knowing. This has a profound influence on every aspect of your life. Body-Meditations help you become aware of “body-consciousness”—your body has an innate wisdom experienced as vibration. More aware of your body you are more aware of the present moment. You gain access to your personal power to make this moment, this day, your greatest!

A series of postural exercises and easy body-meditation practices help you cultivate a more intimate relationship with your body and stay conscious of your true self. You become filled with confidence and compassionate intelligence and learn how to trust yourself…this helps you live as the wise, enthusiastic, high-performing, healthy, sexy, sensual, happy, beautiful, loving woman you want to be”.

The key to your success is doing these postural exercises and body-meditations anywhere, anytime to help you shift your negative vibe to positive sensations and feel empowered to make this moment, this day, great!


  • Kristen Sawdon, the MBA student in class, had this to share...I think your class and the things I learned from you were a true "cherry on top" to not only healing the mind, but also focusing on healing the body and the harmony between the two. I resonated with everything you said. I'm working on smiling, standing tall and opening up my center! Thank you 



Posture is definitely on the national stage:

CBS News – How Your Posture Impacts the Mind

Fox News – Study: Smart Phones Cause Bad Posture – Psychological Damage


Patricia Kirk, M.S.

May you remember to "stand tall, open your heart and smile, BIG!", oh and breathe…and radiate the beautiful woman that you truly are.


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