Steering Committee Annual Election Results

Author: Gender Studies Program

Ballot Box

The following faculty have been elected as Voting Members of the Gender Studies Steering Committee, and will serve a 3-year term: La Donna Forsgren (FTT), Cara Ocobock (ANTH), and Christina Wolbrecht (POLS).  Replacing current Voting Members who can no longer serve, Gail Bederman (HIST) will serve a 2-year term, and Nicole Woods (ARHI) will serve a 1-year term.
Mayra Cano (ENGL) has been elected as the new Graduate Student Representative and will serve a 1-year term (2021-22).
Sam Bader (POLS/IIPS) has been re-elected as the Undergraduate Student Representative and will serve an additional 1-year term (2021-22).
Please join me in congratulating these new members of our Steering Committee! 
All new representative terms begin next fall.  As our incoming Director, Barbara Green (ENGL) will be replacing me as Chair of the Steering Committee and will serve throughout her term as GS Director.
Thanks very much to those of you who voted in this election!  I would like to extend thanks also to Sara Maurer and Sarah McKibben for their willingness to run for a faculty position on this Committee, and to Emily McLemore and Anna Renfroe for their willingness to run for a student representative position.
And last but not least, much heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Maria Alexandrova, Meredith Chesson, Karen Graubart, Perin Gürel, Briana McCaslin, and Pam Wojcik for their excellent service on the GSSC as well as their ongoing commitment to the Gender Studies Program.
Best wishes,