Steering Committee Election Results

Author: Linnie Caye

The following faculty have been elected to the Committee:

Meredith Chesson was the only Social Science candidate, so she will serve as a new Social Science Representative (2018-21).

Perin Gurel will serve as a new Humanities/Fine Arts Representative (2018-21).

Pam Wojcik will serve as a new At-Large Representative (2018-21).

Francisco Robles will serve out Mary Ellen Konieczny’s term as a Social Science Representative (2018-20).

Sonja Stojanovic will serve out Sarah McKibben’s term as an At-Large Representative (2018-19).


The following students have been elected to the Committee:

Trish Bredar will serve as the new Graduate Student Representative (2018-19).

Sarah Kelly will serve as the new Undergraduate Student Representative (2018-19). 


All new Representative terms begin next fall. Please join me in congratulating these new members of our Steering Committee! 

I want to extend my deep gratitude to those rotating off the Committee this year: Janet Kourany, Sarah McKibben, Jason Ruiz, Abby Jorgensen, and Molly Burton. GSSC service was especially tough this year given the work our program did on our self study. I appreciate the extra time and effort all of them put into this important document on behalf of our program’s future. Mary Ellen Konieczny, who is no longer with us, was especially instrumental in helping us to prioritize our goals, and we miss her insight, investment, and warmth.

Lastly, thanks to all of you who took the time to vote.  I appreciate your ongoing commitment to the Gender Studies Program.


All the best,