Through Gendered Lenses

Author: Linnie Caye

Through Gendered Lenses is a student-organized academic journal created with the purpose of fostering research in the broad field of Gender Studies and highlighting excellent gender-related work being done by undergraduate Notre Dame students across the university. We welcome submissions from all disciplines. Submissions must focus on gender topics, including but not limited to, sexuality, religion, the family, media, health, economics, culture, and violence.

All submissions are vetted by the Journal's editorial board, which is comprised of various members of the Gender Studies Honor Society. It will select a range of papers and/or artistic works that will represent gender scholarship across disciplines and departments. The most outstanding submissions are published in the hard copy of the Journal.

Volume 4 - 2013 Journal submissions:

Girls’ Education in Eighteenth Century France: The Development of Feminine Passivity by Rebecca Kibler

Blurring the Lines Among Gender, Politics, and Reality: “I Can Be President” Barbie, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, and the Fantasy of a Female President by Jordyn Smith

Gendering the Troubles: An Exegesis of the Psychosexual Development in Colum McCann's Everything in This Country Must by Séan Cotter

From Café to Frappe: A Study of Starbucks and Gender at Notre Dame by Audrey Butts

The Psychology of Infertility: How Assisted Reproductive Technologies Affect the Institution of Motherhood by Maria McLeod

Cover design by Airi Kobayashi

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