Through Gendered Lenses

Author: Linnie Caye

Congratulations to the Gender Studies Honor Society for their 2nd Annual publication of Through Gendered Lenses - an Undergraduate Academic Journal of Gender Research and Scholarship.  Congratulations to the following students for their contributions to the journal:

Brigid Mangano - The Problem of the Woman Artist: How Eva Gonzales Was “Seen” in Late Nineteenth-Century France

Joseph VanderZee - A Written but Unpracticed Intolerance: Same-Sex Sexuality and Public Order in Colonial America

Kelly McGauley - Fairy Tale Fascinations with Victorian Governesses: The Seduction of Sympathizing with the Governess Figure in Nineteenth-Century Novels

Rachel Roseberry - “A Life in Words”: Domestic Objects and Gertrude Stein

Mary Herber - Singing in the Dead of Night, Seeking an Inclusive Community

Through Gendered Lenses 2011

For your free copy, please stop by the Gender Studies Offices while supplies last.