Past Graduate Minors

Graduate Minor Recipients (2009-Present)


39 Graduate Minor recipients as of 2019


Associate Professors   1

Assistant Professors 9

Postdoc fellow/associate 2

Adjunct faculty 3

PhD student 2

Higher Ed administration 5

Other teaching 2

Art/literary publishing 2

Artist/writer 3


Catherine Brix-Trogdon - PhD in Spanish

  • “Transformative (Re)Inscriptions: Traumatic Memories and Testimonio in Chile”

  • Gender Studies Teaching Apprentice 2014-2015

  • 2019 Graduate Student Union Teaching Award - Instructor Award Winner

Jennifer Dwyer - MFA, Art

  • "A World Of Her Own"

Meagan Simpson - PhD, English

  • “Fictionalizing Adam and Eve in Nineteenth-Century British Literature”

  • 1st Research Workshop Coordinator 2011-2014

  • Gender Studies Teaching Apprentice 2012-2013

Joseph Thomas - MFA, Creative Writing

  • “Sink: A Memoir”
  • 2018 G. Margaret Porter Graduate Writing Award "Afro-Pessimism and Coming of Age in Nnedi Okorafor's Binti"



Austin Brady – MFA Art, Art History, and Design

  • "No Dads No Masters"

Abigail Burns – MFA English

  • "Storied Women: A Novella"


Jade Avelis – PhD, Sociology

  • “Stay-at-Home Fathers, Housedads, and Deadbeats: Social Class and Primary Caregiving Men”

Melissa McCoul – PhD, English

  • “An Uneasy Burden: Maternity, Pedagogy, and Authority in the Travel Letters of Montagu, Wollstonecraft and Sansay”
  • Assistant Professor, English, Texas A&M University
  • 2013 G. Margaret Porter Graduate Writing Award Recipient, “Female Complaints: Circulation, Appetite, and Disease Surrounding The Story of a Modern Woman


Beatriz Carrillo – PhD, History

  • “The Medicalization of Chilean Politics: An Analytical Catalogue of Physicians from the 1920s to the 1970s”
  • Social Studies and Science instructor, Minmahaw Higher Education Programme, Thailand

Kristi Donaldson – PhD, Sociology

  • “The Implementation of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program: Equity, Access, and Effectively Maintained Inequality”
  • Postdoctoral Associate, Education Research and Policy, Newark City of Learning Collaborative, Rutgers University

Suzanne Garcia – MFA, Creative Writing

  • “Dear Dorothy: Poems”
  • Practicing Poet
  • Poetry editor at Noemi Press; screener (poetry) The Nation

Angel Matos – PhD, English

  • “Feeling Infinite: Affect, Genre, and Narrative in Young Adult Queer Literature”
  • Assistant Professor, English, San Diego State University


Nathan W. Smith – MFA, Art, Art History and Design

  • “Chien d’aveugle”

Ana Velitchkova – PhD, Sociology

  • “Esperanto, Civility, and the Politics of Fellowship: A Cosmopolitan Movement from the Eastern European Periphery”
  • Assistant Professor, Sociology & International Studies, University of Mississippi


Manuela Fernandez Pinto – PhD, History and Philosophy of Science

  • “Learning from Ignorance: Agnotology's Challenge to Philosophy of Science”
  • Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Center of Applied Ethics, Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)

Jennifer Fox – PhD in Literature

  • “Reading Slavery and Agency in the Ancient Novel: Contexts and Receptions”
  • Teaching Fellow, Arkansas Teacher Corps

Erin Hinz – MFA, Art, Art History and Design

  • “Mermaid Pinch: Investigating Identity and Sexual Subjectivity within a Gendered System”
  • Practicing Artist
  • 2012 G. Margaret Porter Graduate Writing Award Recipient, “The Work of Leonora Carrington: An Alchemical Transmutation of Gender through Magic, Animals, and Narrative”


Kamilah Campbell - MFA, Art, Art History and Design

  • “Home is What I Make It”
  • Adjunct faculty (Art), Brazosport College; practicing artist

Belkys Torres – PhD, English

  • “Serial storytelling, Female Audiences, and Telenovelas Television's Influence on Contemporary Latina/o Fiction”
  • Associate Director, International Programs, University of Pittsburgh


Gretchen Busl – PhD, English

  • “The Poetics of Ultimacy and the (Meta-) World Literature of John Barth and Italo Calvino”
  • Assistant Professor and Director of First Year Composition, Texas Woman’s University

Katherine Cornwell – MFA, Creative Writing

  • “Tides”

Carina Finn – MFA, Creative Writing

  • “Troubadorable”
  • Advertising and Events Coordinator, ARTnews Magazine

Daniel Hicks – PhD, Philosophy

  • “Scientific Practices and Their Social Context”
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Data Science Initiative at UC Davis

Lourdes Hurtado – PhD, History

  • “Unido a la Historia por Fecunda y Viril Tradicion": Race, Gender and the Military in Cold War Peru (1961-1980)”
  • Assistant Professor of History, Franklin College

Jacquilyn Weeks – PhD, English

  • “Fairies, Fairy Tales, and the Development of British Poetics”
  • 2011 G. Margaret Porter Graduate Writing Award Recipient, "Changeling in the Attic: The Other (worldly) Female Self in Charlotte Mew's "The Farmer's Bride'"


Karen Monique Gregg – PhD, Sociology

  • “The Safe and Sacred Pajama Party: Social Processes in a Religious Youth Ministry for High School Adolescents”
  • Assistant Professor, Sociology, University of Saint Francis

Amber Handy- PhD, History

  • “The Specula Principum in Northwestern Europe, A.D. 650-900: the Evolution of a New Ethical Rule”
  • Associate Professor, History; Director of the Kossen Center for Teaching & Learning, Mississippi University for Women

Courtney McDermott – MFA, Creative Writing

  • “The Bird and the Mountain”
  • Program Administrator, Film and Media Studies, Tufts University
  • Adjunct Faculty, English-Creative Writing, Southern New Hampshire University


Emily DiFilippo – MFA, Creative Writing

  • “In the New World”
  • PhD student, Spanish and Portuguese, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

Ryan Downey – MFA, Creative Writing

  • “Maw Maw”
  • Director of Recruiting and Admissions at YearUp at University of Georgia

Krista Duttenhaver – PhD, English

  • “Love’s Labor: The Relational Self in Simone Weil’s Mystical-Political”
  • Program Manager, Product Development at, Princeton University

Regina Ingiosi - Master of Theological Studies in Systematics

  • PhD student at University of Dayton
  • Adjunct Faculty, Theology and Religious Studies, St. Joseph’s University

Abigail Palko – PhD in Literature

  • “Motherland, Declined: Negotiating Maternal Subjectivities in Irish and Caribbean Novels, 1934-2007”
  • Director, Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center, University of Virginia

Samantha Schalk – MFA, Creative Writing

  • “Breaking the Rules: (Dis)ability in Black Women’s Speculative Fiction”
  • Assistant Professor, Gender and Women’s Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Kiran Bains – MA, International Peace Studies

Samara Cahill – PhD, English

  • “‘Intelligent Souls’: Women, Reason, and Identity in England’s ‘Long’ Eighteenth Century”
  • Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University

Dareen Khattab– MA, International Peace Studies

Christina Shaheen– MA, International Peace Studies