Research Workshop Coordinators

The Gender Studies Program sponsors approximately 10-12 Research Workshops each year.  Two graduate minor students serve as the workshop coordinators.  This position allows students to develop an aptitude for organizing events, introducing speakers, asking poignant questions, and moderating discussions. Serving as a workshop coordinator also offers students the opportunity to expand their professional reach beyond their home departments by networking with students and faculty across campus.


Danielle "Dani" Green (PhD English)

Emily McLemore (PhD English)


Dominique And Stacy Rw 17 18 Edited


Stacy Sivinski (PhD English)

Dominique Vargas (PhD English)










Margie Jeremy Rw 16 17


Jeremy Davidheiser (PhD English)

Marjorie Housley (PhD English)





Eric Lewis Melissa McCoul RW Pic


Eric Lewis (PhD English)

Melissa McCoul (PhD English)







Angel Matos and Beatriz Carrillo


Beatriz Carrillo (PhD History & Philosophy of Science)

Angel Matos (PhD English)








Robinson Murphy & Meagan Simpson


Robinson Murphy (PhD English)

Meagan Simpson (PhD English)

Gender Studies Research Workshops complement more formal goings-on of intellectual life at the University, allowing as they do for cross-pollination among an array of diverse academic fields. Recent presentations have featured thinkers from departments as far-ranging as English, Sociology, History, Philosophy, Theology, Creative Writing, and the visual arts. Faculty and graduate students alike report benefiting in particular from participation in the question-and-answer period that follows the presentations, a period that is no less clarifying and nourishing for its informality.

As coordinators of the Gender Studies Research Workshops, we were grateful for the opportunity to have developed an aptitude for moderating, which will no doubt serve us well when it comes time to chair panels at conferences, or introduce speakers in more formal, public settings. Coordinating the Workshops has also functioned as an apprenticeship into the delicate art of academic question-asking during the Q & A. Lastly, and especially, this position has allowed us to hone our communication skills in a variety of contexts, public and private, and to expand our professional reach well beyond the walls of our department homes. We would absolutely recommend the coordinator position to future Gender Studies graduate students.
~Meagan Simpson and Robinson Murphy (Research Workshop Coordinators 2011-2014)