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Celebrating our Alums

August 22, 2013 • Categories: Alumni and Students

Betsy Cornwell, whose first book Tides came out this summer -- a gorgeous young adult book about selkies, lesbians, family, and more:

From PM: “TIDES author Betsy Cornwell's COMPASS, a companion to TIDES, that follows a young selkie boy to the west of Ireland as he searches for his lost family, but instead finds love with a lonely human girl -- and soon must fight to protect a secret that could devastate not only his family, but the safety of his entire species, again to Lynne Polvino at Clarion, by Sara Crowe at Harvey Klinger (world English)."…

A Man’s Occupation Linked to Time Spent on Housework, Study Finds

August 19, 2013 • Categories: Alumni and Students

A woman’s work is never done—or so the saying goes. Though women still do about two-thirds of household chores, the division of labor may depend on what her mate does for a living, according to new research by University of Notre Dame sociologist Elizabeth Aura McClintock.