• Resources for Women
    • is a site that features college planning tools and academic guides. Our resource was created as part of the effort to help women close this gap and achieve success in both college and their careers. We've organized resources for women into two sections:
      • Scholarship resources: subject-based scholarships and demographic-based scholarships
      • Organizations working to improve women's education and career opportunities: women in STEM organizations, on-campus societies, and career counseling for women
  • E-Reserves

  • Gender Studies Library A-Z Titles (pdf)

  • Gender Studies Library A-Z Authors (pdf)

  • Gender Studies DVD/VHS Library (pdf)

    • If you would like to check out a Gender Studies Library book or DVD, please stop by the office during business hours. Books and DVDs can be borrowed for a two week time period. If additional time is needed, an email request to should be submitted prior to the due date.

  • GenderWatch
    • GenderWatch is a full text database that focuses on how gender impacts a broad spectrum of subject areas. It is a repository of historical perspectives on the evolution of the women's movement, men's studies, the transgendered community, and the changes in gender roles over the years. Publications include scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, regional publications, books, and NGO, government and special reports.
  • Hesburgh Library

  • Hesburgh Library – Gender Studies

    • Please feel free to contact Librarian for Gender Studies, Rachel Bohlmann with any library related requests such as research consultations, material requests, class instruction, digital resource demonstrations, and new library resources.

  • Women's Library at London Metropolitan University: Visual Arts Data Service
    • A unique collection relating to British women’s fight for the vote 100 years ago has been revealed online, the digitized material represents a selection of the vast collections housed at the Women’s Library at London Metropolitan University, and includes posters, photographs, postcards, badges, and other memorabilia relating to the British suffrage movement.
    • To view the new Women’s Library Suffrage Collection, see:
    • To view the Women's Library Suffrage Banners, see:

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