Triota: Honor Society

Mission Statement


Triota (Alpha Phi Chapter of Iota Iota Iota) shall be the primary unit of undergraduate student service and leadership in the Gender Studies Program. The purpose of this organization is to provide an environment of academic excellence, encourage undergraduate research and scholarship in Gender Studies, foster relationships among students and faculty, promote interest and awareness of gender issues, and academically represent the Gender Studies Program.

Applying to the Honor Society

Membership is open to all undergraduates who have declared Gender Studies as either a primary major, supplementary major or minor; members must (barring significant extenuating circumstances) join by Fall Break of their senior year. Triota members will earn the honor cord for graduation IF they maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA and a 3.5 GPA in Gender Studies and perform service for the program (Successful completion of these criteria will be determined by the DUS).  Members of the Honor Society serve as representatives of the Gender Studies Program and host Program events, organize Majors Night, and edit and publish an undergraduate research journal every year.

Apply Now! GSHS Application

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