International Internship Opportunities

 Women & Gender: International Opportunities

Have you always wanted to work on women & gender issues in other countries? You are needed in many places:

EDUCATION: Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon
In most parts of Africa, fathers told their daughters "I only have enough money for your brothers' school fees.
Besides, you are just going to be a wife." It is only in the last 5-10 years that girls are allowed an education.
Now that girls are included in schools, we need your help:
Uganda secondary school: teach or tutor in English (writing, literature & grammar), Math, Chemistry, Physics or Biology.
Cameroon: teach adult women who were excluded from an education how to read & write.
Kenya primary: teach kids who have been orphaned by AIDS. Scrabble is the rage.
Ghana: tutoring/enrichment program for kids that were skipping school. Ghana is one of the drumming-est places in Africa
You need not have special credentials for these placements. Just a desire to help with "girl child education."

~7,000 women and girls are trafficked from Nepal into India's sex trade per year.
Sex traffickers prey on young women in remote, remote parts of Nepal that want out of poverty.
Traffickers promise them a job; instead girls are tricked into prostitution and sexual exploitation in India.
Are you a rugged hiker? Come help in the remote villages: teach English and literacy to create another life for these girls.
Or work in their legal program teaching women their rights. Grant writers also needed.

Have read Leila Ahmed's "Women & Gender in Islam" & realize how women's rights are more nuanced in Muslim culture?
Thus to work in Lebanon & Morocco requires more cultural sensitivity and a less dogmatic approach.
Under the guise of teaching/ learning English, women are discussing their lives. (Thus you don't need to speak Arab ic.)
The Lebanon placement is with Syrian refugee women.
Early marriage  in Syria- at age 12, 13, 14 - locks women into the home and cuts off her options.
We get many requests for ways to help work women in Muslim culture. So here are some ways.
(We also need English, science/ engineering/ robotics, art/ graphic design & computer teachers in Syrian refugee school.)

When a social worker from Canada asked an audience of 50 men, how many of them beat their wives. 48 hands went up!
"Why" "How else would you get them to mind?" You will also see corporeal punishment in schools and homes.
Are you comfortable with public speaking? Come teach positive reinforcement and other ways of interacting.
It would be especially helpful to have male Gender Studies students who can help shift attitudes and behavior.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Costa Rica  - Spanish fluency required
Work in the shelter; do community education; help women become economically independent
so they can leave abusive relationships; and/or help develop counseling programs for women, men and kids.
If you have background in counseling, help with crisis, individual and group therapy.
If you have volunteered in a shelter (and can also speak Spanish) then you are also qualified for this placement.
Men who have backgrounds in Social Work or Psychology are needed to help start their men's program.

FAMILY PLANNING: Uganda & Cameroon
For women that have 10 kids, they will tell you that contraception is life changing.
African women realize that if they had fewer kids, they would have fewer mouths to feed and be less poor.
Now there is a groundswell in Africa and they are asking for help with this.
We need: people that can teach about various kinds of contraception that are within their reach;
people that help with a shift in consciousness - a woman is considered property of her husband;
a woman is often told by her mother to "do (sexually) anything he wants" - so that women see their body as their own.
We need men helping with this! Most African men are not willing to wear a condom...thus babies & AIDS.

Ecuador's indigenous people have gained more clout in the last 20 years.
Come teach farming or join indigenous women in the fields to help feed their families.
This is a beautiful part of Ecuador: volcanoes and colorfully clothed indigenous women.
Spanish is a must; Quechua a plus.

MICRO-FINANCE & INCOME GENERATION: Rwanda, Costa Rica, India, Ecuador, Lebanon
Most women in the poorer parts of the world would say empowerment is earning money for the family.
Micro-finance and "livelihood" skills are an important ticket out of poverty.
The most important part of MF is not the loan but helping micro-enterpreneurs succeed.
Costa Rica has an extraordinary dynamic female director: hilarious and gracious.
India is much more like the Grameen model - helping the poor in many ways.
Ecuador reflects the model that grew out of Liberation Theology: forming cooperatives.
Rwanda asks for help in Finance, IT (analyzing their database), Marketing or Operations.
Lebanon is sophisticated asking for help in operations, risk assessment & management, auditing.
Lebanese MFI would also like help developing mobile app, eCommerce & NF trainings.
If you want to work with women in community in Lebanon, Arabic is essential.

While physical abuse/ domestic violence is beginning to be addressed throughout Africa,
sexual abuse is still taboo and unaddressed. This program is an exception.
Experienced in trauma, sexual abuse, gender based violence, EMDR and/or PTSD? We need you here!

Do you remember the Facebook campaign "Kony 2012"? Joseph Kony & the LRA abducted kids in northern Uganda
to become child soldiers and made the girls sex slaves. It is ~ 10 years after most were rescued but the young women
are experiencing nightmares, flashbacks as they have not had help dealing with the horrors they experienced.
(Most had to kill their family or be killed.) Needed: very, very experienced social workers & psychologists!

If you have a background in Public Health, Midwifery, maternal & child health you are needed at our 2 clinics.

Throughout most of Africa, most citizens do not know their legal rights or how the legal system works.
They do not know how to make a complaint or testify in court. Empower common citizens
by teaching them labor, family and inheritance law and how the legal process works. Enact it with them.
Throughout most of Africa, women are considered property of their husband.
If husband dies, the wife is dispossessed of the land that feeds her and the children and is inherited by husband's brother.
Thus inheritance law is perhaps the most crucial legal and human rights issue.
Are you an attorney, or do you have a background in law or are even pre-law? Come empower & teach!

New placement being made in INDIA with young women. If you have a particular interest in India, let us know.

Please read NGOabroad website
and send answered Questionnaire and resume to:

These are volunteer opportunities.
Both students & experienced professionals needed.
In all of these placements, both women and men are needed.
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
Most placements can fit to your schedule and for how long you can go.