Internship Requirements

Upon completion of your summer internship, you will be required to submit the following documentation by the Friday of the first week of the fall semester:

(1) a completed evaluation form from your internship site supervisor; Internship Supervisor Report

(2) a short (4- to 7-page) reflection paper documenting your internship experience and explaining how it fits into your broader education in gender studies;

(3) field notes and/or journal entries with your observations, comments, and questions from the time you spent at the internship site;

(4) supporting materials if applicable (photos, websites, presentations, etc.);

(5) a thank you note to the Boehnen family, who funded your internship; and

(6) submit a Share Your Story for our website Spotlight (see our Student Story Archive for all student stories).

All items must be typed and submitted electronically to the Gender Studies Associate Director.

Finally, your presence will be required at a luncheon meeting with the Gender Studies Director, Associate Director, and Boehnen family, who will be visiting Notre Dame in the fall semester.  At this meeting, you will be asked to speak briefly (5-10 minutes) about your internship experience and to share with them the ways in which your internship has contributed to your gender studies education.