Internship Grant Recipients

2019 Summer Internship Grant Recipients

Sara Berumen ‘20 (Majors: Gender Studies and Anthropology)
Transgender Resource, Education, and Enrichment Services (T.R.E.E.S.)
Sara will be working with T.R.E.E.S. in Indiana and throughout the Midwest to create educational materials supporting trans people of color in rural communities and small towns. Sara is a Gender Studies and Anthropology double major.

Melisa Martinez-Munoz ‘20 (Major: Psychology, Minors: Gender Studies and Irish Language & Literature)
Chevalis Boys & Girls Club
Melisa will be working at the Boys and Girls Club to create and run a summer program for youth in Chehalis, Oregon. Melisa is a Psychology major and Gender Studies minor.

2018 Summer Internship Grant Recipients


Allison Dopazo ‘19 (Gender Studies major; Interdisciplinary Minor in Constitutional Studies)

Allison will be interning in the Domestic Crimes unit at the Florida State's Attorney’s Office in Coral Gables.


Abigail Ferguson ’19 (Psychology major; Gender Studies supplementary major)

Abby will be working with Becky’s Fund, a nonprofit organization in Washington, D.C. focused on preventing relationship violence and encouraging healthy relationships among adolescents in the D.C. area.


Amy Mansfield ’19 (Psychology major; Gender Studies minor)

Amy will be an intern at the Illinois Institute of Addiction Recovery in Peoria, where she will work directly with clients and hopes to lead a gender-specific group or family program.

2017 Summer Internship Grant Recipients

Luciana Jansen Albuquerque '18 (Gender Studies and Marketing double major) will be interning with Perfect Search Media in Chicago, in their Digital Marketing and Data Analysis Internship program.

Rebecca Fritz '18 (Gender Studies and Neuroscience double major) will be interning with Becky’s Fund in Washington, D.C. Becky’s Fund is a domestic violence advocacy group that focuses on community prevention of domestic violence and consciousness raising about gender issues that contribute to the problem of domestic violence.

Hailey Fulwider '19 (English major; Gender Studies minor) will be interning with eSQUARED, an events marketing firm in Fort Collins, Colorado. She will work directly with clients, as well as providing support behind the scenes for this woman-owned company.

Emily Garrett '18 (Gender Studies and English double major) will be interning with the Executive Director of the Erie County Commission on the Status of Women in Buffalo, New York. The Commission connects women with the resources they need to reach their full potential and recommends measures to coordinate, consolidate, or expand the resources and services available to women in Erie County.

Anne Jarrett '20 (Gender Studies and Philosophy double major) will be interning with TREES, Inc. (Transgender Resource, Education, and Enrichment Services) in South Bend. TREES works in small Midwestern towns and rural areas to educate business leaders and local governments about gender diversity, discrimination, and violence.2017 Summer Internship Grant Recipients

2016 Summer Internship Grant Recipients

Molly Burton ’18
NETWORK A Catholic Social Justice Lobbying Agency (DC)

Molly will work at NETWORK, a Catholic social justice lobbying agency based in D.C., that focuses on issues such as economic justice, immigration reform, peacemaking, healthcare access, and ecology. She will write and create content for online and print materials, research presidential candidates’ positions on top policy issues, assist with an advocacy training for college students, create toolkits and resources to engage the public, and work with either the Communications, Government Relations, and/or Grassroots Mobilizations teams.

Brynn Gallahue ’17
Rachel’s Women’s Center (San Diego)

Brynn will intern at Rachel’s Women’s Center, a drop-in day center run by the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of San Diego, which offers a variety of basic needs and services to women in the homeless community. As an intern she will work on recruiting new volunteers, organizing training sessions, and establishing a system to increase consistent attendance of volunteers. One of her projects will be to streamline the check-in process for women, making sure it is clear, straightforward and hassle free. She will also serve as a positive facilitator by sitting with, talking to, and learning from the guests who visit the drop-in center.

Meghan Watts ’18
The Female Factor (Chicago)

Meghan will intern at the Female Factor, a strategic consulting group that assists its clients in their marketing campaigns in efforts to reach women. She will conduct research for a variety of projects (including weekly overviews of trends in marketing/advertising for women to be presented to the Female Factor team, a white paper to be completed by the end of the internship, and research for CEO Bridget Brennan’s follow-up to Why She Buys). She will also attend meetings with clients and team discussions regarding strategy, as well as help to maintain the social media presence of Female Factor itself.

2015 Summer Internship Grant Recipients

Connor Hayes ‘16
GLBT Political Advocacy at the Center for American Progress (DC)
Connor will work on the government affairs team, which will provide him the opportunity to contribute to policy briefings and lobbying efforts, as well as have exposure to the broader workings of an advocacy organization. He plans to apply to graduate school to pursue a degree in either public policy or law; additionally, his work this summer will inform his senior thesis on political activism.

Moira Horn ‘17
May Dugan Center (Cleveland, Ohio)

Moira will work with the Moms First and Community Health and Wellness programs; she plans to go to medical school for obstetrics.

Katie Lee ‘16
Colorado Juvenile Defender Center (Denver)

Katie will work as an administrative intern. Her duties will include offering administrative support to the public defenders currently employed at the office. One of her primary projects will be to construct a resource guide for families seeking legal counsel and other services from the Center. She will also attend all meetings conducted by the public defenders who run the center, giving her the opportunity to be engaged in the work that others at the Center are doing. Katie plans to apply to law school.

Kayla O’Connor ‘16
St. Joseph County Library (South Bend)

Kayla will work in the children’s department; her duties will include running their summer reading program, designing an assessment of it, and developing other programs. She plans to pursue a Master’s of Library Science and will write a senior thesis on gender issues in children’s lit.

Shannon Sheehan ‘16
The UnSlut Project (based online) a national campaign with the mission of “working to undo the dangerous sexual bullying and ‘Slut’ shaming in our schools, communities, media and culture”
Shannon will work as an assistant to the project’s founder; duties will include establishing a resource page and potentially a message board for site visitors; contacting sociologist that work in the fields of sexuality and gender to help spread the word about UnSlut’s mission; managing and expanding their social media. This work will inform her Gender Studies senior thesis, which in turn will help her applications to graduate programs in sociology, focusing on sexuality and gender.


2014 Summer Internship Grant Recipients

Rachel Hughes '15
Pregnancy Center East (PCE), Cincinnati, Ohio
Rachel will be working at Pregnancy Center East (PCE), a pregnancy resource center that serves downtown Cincinnati and the surrounding suburb. She will research and propose a  plan to implement public health services (STI testing and referrals) through PCE as well as provide services for clients at the center. These include acting as a client advocate (counselor) for women who seek help through PCE and providing material assistance (diapers, formula, clothing, etc.) through donations made to PCE. This internship swill provide her with public health experience to broaden her perspective on health care as more of a community issue, rather than just an individual’s issue. This internship specifically will enhance her understanding of the impact of public policy on healthcare services provided by agencies such as Pregnancy Center East.

Shannon Sheehan '16
Sexual Assault Center at the YMCA, St. Louis, MO

Shannon will be working at the Sexual Assault Center at the YMCA in St. Louis; this work will build upon her work on campus to help break the culture of silence that surrounds sexual assault here. She will assist with their outreach services, which include sexual assault counseling, teen outreach, and prevention services. This work will ultimately inform her senior thesis and prepare her for her career goal of pursuing a PhD.


2013 Summer Internship Grant Recipients

Kristine (Leah) Corachea '14
Female Factor, Chicago IL

Leah will be working with The Female Factor, a consulting firm that helps companies market to women. Leah will be researching the changing world of e-commerce and why the virtual shopping world is becoming more attractive compared to the traditional retail stores. Throughout the summer, she will explore the aspects of what makes e-commerce, and specific websites, more successful than others and what it could mean for us in the future.

Christina Dines ‘14
International Institute of Buffalo, New York
Christina will be interning at the International Institute of Buffalo. She will be working in the Victim Services Department, interacting with, and aiding, refugees in court. In addition to attending court proceedings, she will be constantly interacting with refugees and immigrants throughout the resettlement process (for example, through mentoring and tutoring experiences and through conducting a combination of formal and informal interviews). The IIB works closely with refugees from Bhutan, Burma, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, and Sudan. As such, her exploration will particularly concentrate on the challenges and barriers facing Muslim women.

Maria (Mia) Lillis ‘14
Family Justice Center of St. Joseph County, South Bend, IN
Mia will be performing various duties for the Family Justice Center, including but not limited to intake and support, general advocacy work for victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse, and maintaining databases for the center. Through her work with the Family Justice Center, she will learn first-hand about the effects of domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as the resources available to victims of such crimes.  She hopes that this opportunity will give her experience for future career objectives, as she is interested in working with crisis centers post-graduation.


2012 Summer Internship Grant Recipients

Christina Dines '14
Western New York Women's Bar Association, Buffalo, NY
Christina will be conducting interviews on behalf of the Erie County Bar Association through a contact at Schröder, Joseph & Associates, exploring gender neutral laws in the workplace. She will explore differences in societal pressures faced by male and female workers despite equal laws – for instance, the opportunity to paternity and maternity leave – and will also assist in administrative work and collecting and analyzing data.

Maria McLeod '13
The Female Factor, Chicago, IL

The Female Factor provides strategic consulting to corporations concerning the ways in which they can better market to women and better sell to women.  The Female Factor creates a female framework to help corporate teams make consumer-facing decisions that emotionally engage women.  During my summer internship, I will conduct research for CEO, Bridget Brennan, concerning women of the Middle East and help Female Factor create a workshop for businesses in the Middle East,  with the goal of helping businesses understand and cater to female buyers, assist with further planning, and recommend social networking strategies for Female Factor.

Brownhub, Chicago, IL
Brownhub is a newly formed daily deals website based out of Chicago that provides deals to customers from South Asian and Mediterranean merchants.  During my time as a marketing intern, I will receive an introduction to the firm's businesses and provide a meaningful and important role in supporting its various functions.  I will learn the fundamentals of the daily deal industry, prepare marketing support for Account Managers, conduct research, and lead mining and database maintenance and creation.


2011 Summer Internship Grant Recipients

Maureen Choman '12
Physiology Lab of Dr. Annette Gabaldón, Colorado State University at Pueblo, Department of Biology

Maureen will work under the supervision of Dr. Annette Gabaldón, who studies the physiology of aging. This summer, Dr. Gabaldón will be studying bone density in mice through experiments analyzing mechanical strength, ash content and mineral composition; bone density is related to osteoporosis, a disease that affects men and women differently, with a higher number of incidences occurring in women. Maureen hopes to take advantage of the opportunities that this position offers to contribute to knowledge about an issue that affects the health of women and the aging population and to explore the possibility of a career in research science, a field in which women are underrepresented. 

Katherine Lukas '12
The Female Factor, Chicago, IL
Katherine’s internship at The Female Factor will give her the opportunity to conduct research into marketing practices vis-à-vis gender: while advertising too often treats the marketplace as a monolithic whole, Katherine’s research will look into ways that men and women approach purchasing decisions differently. This information could enable companies to target consumer preferences more accurately. Katherine sees this internship as an opportunity to focus particularly on gender as it relates to business within the broader field of marketing research.


2010 Summer Internship Grant Recipients

Alessandra Bouchard '11
The Women’s Center, Cambridge, MA

Alessandra Bouchard will work under the auspices of The Women’s Center to develop a bilingual resource guide for women who are struggling to determine their immigration rights, or who have experienced domestic violence or sexual assault. She will also be contributing to the generation of a history of the Women’s Center, and its development from an empty building to the thriving resource that it is today.

Erica Iantorno '11
Bonneville Chicago Radio Group, Chicago, IL
Erica Iantorno will intern in the promotions department of the Bonneville Radio Stations WTMX and WILV, both of which target female audiences. She will be particularly studying the ways in which the official Road Crew and Street Teams for the radio stations interact with and market to diverse Chicago neighborhoods, companies, organizations, and individuals.

Kelly McGauley '11
Notre Dame Lawyer Magazine, South Bend, IN
Kelly McGauley will work with the editor of Notre Dame Lawyer Magazine to write for, interview for, and edit the August issue of the magazine. While helping to publish the magazine from many different angles, she will also be studying the gender complexities behind the different ways in which men and women choose to practice law, their different areas of speciality and the reasons behind them.

Anne Reser '11
Turning Point Domestic Violence Shelter, Marion, OH
Anne Reser will be responsible for responding to the 24-hour crisis line. She will be shadowing clinicians at individual and group meetings and following the shelter’s legal advisor to court appointments. She hopes to more fully explore the rights of battered women, particularly among groups of women who are economically vulnerable.

Catherine Scallen '11
The Minnesota Women’s Consortium, Minneapolis, MN

Catherine Scallen will work at the Minnesota Women’s Consortium, a coalition that connects over 160 (and growing!) member groups across Minnesota who range from the League of Women Voters to the Girl Scouts of America; the core requirement of membership is that the group work to empower women or girls. Catherine’s duties will include researching the sexual assault policies of Minnesota universities and blogging about her experiences on the Consortium’s website and at College Feminists Connect.


2009 Summer Internship Grant Recipients

Meaghan Jennings '10
Anti-Defamation League, Boston, MA
Meaghan Jennings will be working with the New England chapter of the Anti-Defamation League to combat sexism, racism, and heterosexism, by fostering dialogue, expanding prejudice awareness instruction and training student facilitators in primary and secondary schools in the Boston area.

Melanie LeMay '10
Resource Center of Dallas
Melanie LeMay will be working with a non-profit organization that offers counseling, medical assistance, food subsidies, and education programs for the GLBT community in Dallas. She will be specifically working with the women’s counseling, domestic violence, and long-term development programs.

Mandy Lewis '10
Missions International, Highland, IL
Mandy Lewis will be working with Missions International, a non-profit organization that aids individuals in Latin America and the Caribbean by sending tangible support such as money and goods, but also by fostering Christian unity and international goodwill. Among other tasks, she will be evaluating how women are affected by the organization’s aid practices.

Miriam Olsen '10
Violence Prevention Initiative, Notre Dame, IN
Miriam Olsen will spend the summer here at Notre Dame, working under the auspices of the Gender Relations Center to help organize the Violence Prevention Initiative’s lineup for 2009-10, including the College HAS Issues Program, Loyal Daughters and Sons, and the National Conference on Violence Prevention.

Jill Schroeder '10
Children’s Defense Fund, Washington, DC
Jill Schroeder will be working with Children’s Defense Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all of America’s children. Her internship will focus on the healthcare reforms occurring during the 111th Congress and how these reforms impact the lives and health of pregnant women.


2008 Summer Internship Grant Recipients

Sarah Lyons '09
National Organization for Women (NOW), Washington, D.C.
Sarah Lyons will be interning with the National Organization for Women (NOW) in Washington, D.C., working with their Field Organizing Team on economic justice for women.

Katie Jo Michel '09
Helena, Montana
Katie Jo Michel will spend the summer in Helena, Montana working as an advocate for women’s public health and wellness issues.

Andrea Torres Hermoza '09
Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity, Uganda
Andrea Torres Hermoza will be working with the Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity in Uganda, focusing on the incongruence between de jure and de facto gender inequalilties.


2007 Summer Internship Grant Recipients

Jordan Brooks '08
Coalition on Violence Against Women, Nairobi, Kenya
Jordan will be working with women’s groups in Nairobi, Kenya for the first half of the summer under the auspices of COVAW, the Coalition on Violence Against Women. She’ll end the summer working with a similar program in Syracuse, NY.

Jacquelyn Larson '08
Abbott House, Mitchell, South Dakota
Jacki will be working as part of the support staff at a residential facility for young women with personal, psychological, abuse- or drug-related difficulties.

Maureen Mullen '08
House of the Good Shepherd, Chicago, Illinois
Maureen will be working with a shelter for battered women and their children. The shelter aims to provide a comprehensive recovery and growth program that enables these women to regain their dignity and become self-sufficient.

Stacey Williams '08
Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, Chicago, Illinois
Stacey will be working with a non-profit that offers sensitivity training and anti-prejudice workshops to schools and teachers wishing to create safe, non-threatening school and classroom environments for LGBT students.