Loyal Daughters & Sons

As of March 2017, LDS is on hiatus until further notice.

LDS Production 2016


April 6 - 7:00 pm Saint Mary's College- Little Theatre, Moreau Center
April 7 - 7:00 pm, Carey Auditorium - Hesburgh Library, University of Notre Dame
April 8 - 7:00 pm, Carey Auditorium - Hesburgh Library, University of Notre Dame
April 9 - 2:00 pm with Panel Discussion, Carey Auditorium - Hesburgh Library, University of Notre Dame

$3 Students, $5 Faculty - Lafortune Box Office

Sponsored by the Gender Studies Program, Department of Film, Television, and Theatre, Department of American Studies, Department of English, Department of Psychology and Department of Sociology

Loyal Daughters and Sons, now in its 10th year, gathers anonymous stories from community members about gender issues, gender identity, sexuality, and sexual assault at Notre Dame. We then take those stories and adapt them for the stage, so that we can tell the stories that otherwise would not be heard.

We want to build on the conversation about sexual violence that has been growing on campus over the past two years, so this year our theme is asking "What's Next?" This question is relevant when it comes to sexual assault, but it is also relevant to our community on addressing the other issues around gender, sexuality, and identity.

Production Team, Loyal Daughters and Sons 2015-2016

Skyler Hughes
Natalie Vos
Shannon Sheehan
Dominic Acri
Beth Orem


Student groups seek to end sexual assault - Observer 11/18/15

Loyal Daughters & Sons is a show student-written, student-directed, student performed, and student-produced which tells the story of real Notre Dame students' stories about sexual violence, sexuality, religion, and gender problems on campus. The purpose of the show is to create sustained dialogue on gender issues and help to prevent further violence from occurring as well as provide an opportunity to hear the voices and opinions of Notre Dame Students.

Loyal Daughters and Sons 2016 Production Video

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