Application Process - Research Grant

1) Junior majors in Gender Studies have priority in the application process for these grants. Junior minors, sophomore majors, or sophomore minors who plan to undertake research for their senior theses/essays in either Gender Studies or their primary major over the course of the next two summers may also apply for these grants; the research must have an explicitly gendered-component. All junior and sophomore majors and minors are notified by email of this opportunity in the Spring semester. Interested students should meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies and their chosen faculty advisors about their grant applications.

2) To apply, submit the following application materials to the Director of Undergraduate Studies by NOON on the First Friday in April:

i.1-2-page prospectus (summary) of the research project, including the working title, a statement of the topic, proposed methodology, projected scope of project, and rationale for the receipt of a summer research grant to advance the project.

ii. 1-page budget (up to $1000 for domestic projects; see DUS for international projects) for archival or field research and/or books and materials for the summer portion of the research project. The amount of funding awarded will be determined by the number and quality of applications received.

iii. A completed copy of the Research Grant Application (pdf).

4) A major or minor who wins a grant will be awarded the funds by the last day of the Spring semester.

5) The major or minor conducts research over the summer months, and then submits to the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the senior essay advisor a 5-page summary of the results of the research by September 1st.

6) Submit a Share Your Story for our website Spotlight by September 1st (See our Student Story Archive for all student stories).