Research Grant Recipients

2022 Grant Recipients

Matthew Heilman ‘23
“(Un)healthy data?”: An examination of the data production system involved in the creation of public health data about LGBTQ+ health outcomes - advisor Katie Walden

Corrine Hays ‘23
The Role of the Gatekeeper in Access to Gender-Affirming Care - advisor Kate McCabe

Daniel Kim ‘23
"I Want My Boy Character to Have Pigtails": An Analysis of Video Games and Avatar Creation as Sites of Gender Expression and Sexuality - advisor Mary Kearney

Margaret Gallagher ‘23
Where Can We Turn? Community-Based Mental Health Support and Alternatives to Police Response to Mental Health Crises at the University of Notre Dame - advisor Pam Butler

2021 Grant Recipients

Lilly Witte ‘22
Research on reproductive healthcare and community organizing in South Bend

Diana Spencer ‘22
Qualitative research on gender and naming practices in Senegal and Cabo Verde

Maggie Borgos ‘22
Capstone essay on Althea Gibson and histories of Black women in US tennis

2020 Grant Recipients

Samantha Bader ‘22
Qualitative research (interviews) on misogyny in LGBTQ+ communities

Sara Berumen ‘20
Collaboration with Meredith Chesson to revise senior thesis for publication

Elizabeth Dombrowski ‘21
Research on gendered wealth gab in rural New Hampshire

Dessi Gomez ‘21
AMST senior thesis, “The Myth of Taylor Swift”

Peyton Davis ‘20
Travel to American Council for Irish Studies national conference

2019 Grant Recipients

Dinuka Cooray ‘20
Fetal Mortality in St. Joseph County, Indiana

Andrea Martinez Dominguez ‘20
The Effects of Birth Order and Sex on the Familial Responsibility of Children in First-Generation Mexican Families

James Zwierzynski ‘20
The Anticipatory Body: Towards a Critical Trans Materialism

2018 Grant Recipients

Allison Dopazo ‘19
Gendering Cybercrime

Sarah Kelly ‘19
The Criminalization of Motherhood and California Safe Baby Surrender Laws

Lawrence (Trey) Murphy ‘19
A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Gay and Lesbian Dating Patterns in Santiago de Chile and Chicago, Illinois

2017 Grant Recipients

Molly Burton '18
Senior thesis research on the topic of sex-work decriminalization

Pete Freeman '18
Sexualized  Ceroplasty and the Male Medical Gaze: How Wax Anatomical Models Toe the Line Between Seduction, Instruction, and Sexist Feminine Reconstruction

2016 Grant Recipients

Pete Freeman ’18
Gender Differences in Entrepreneurship: Motivation and Entrepreneurial Training of Mother Technopreneurs in Switzerland

Moira Horn ’17
Rhetoric of Maternal Healthcare Policy in Rural Mexico

Amit Paul ’18
Gendered Recreation of Underprivileged Children: Savannah Beach Setting

Arielle Sims ‘17
Issues of Appropriation and Assimilation in South Korean Music Culture

2015 Grant Recipients

Abigail Bartels '16
Proportional Representation's Effect on Women

Kristin Brennan '16
Can American women drink Cabernet Sauvignon?: How U.S. wineries are using gendered marketing

Daniella Grover '16
What Mother Does, Daughter Believes?  The Relation of Maternal Childhood Experiences to Parenting Attitudes

Brett O'Connell '16
An Amicable Occupation: Maori Perceptions of Masculinity in Post-Colonial Aotearoa/ New Zealand

Shannon Sheehan '16
All Else Equal – How Internalized Gender Inequities Influence Identity Formation in College Students

2014 Grant Recipients

Kristin Brennan ‘16
Exploring Women’s Role in the Israeli Food Industry

Daniella Grover ‘16
Childhood Experiences to Maternal Attitudes: Breastfeeding, Positive Touch, Responsiveness, Play, Embedded-ness, and Social Support

Anne Kuster ‘16
The Effect of Family Solidarity on Economic Independence of Single Mothers in Mexico

Katie Lee ‘16
Gender in Business School

Kimberly Mai ‘16
The Gender Differences in Human Capital Within Maquila Employment in Puebla

Melyssa (Rae) Moors ‘15
Depictions of Femininity in Western Irish Folk Belief

2013 Grant Recipients

Kristine (Leah) Corachea '14
The Power of the Visual: A Study of the Effects of Gendered Advertising

Christina Dines ’14
Gender Issues Faced by the Refugee Population in Western New York: Success Predictors Resulting in Effective Refugee Resettlement

Molly Shank ‘14
Sadomasochism and Gendered Power: A Study of Three of Jamaica Kincaid's Novels

2012 Grant Recipients

Nora Goebelbecker ’14
A Comparison of the Impact of Gender Norms on Women’s Experiences in Public Office in Spain and Ireland

Lauren Kelly '13
Pretty in Orange

Maria McLeod ‘13
The Psychology of Motherhood

2011 Grant Recipients

Jennifer Gast '12
Women's Role in Government: A Comparative Analysis between the US and UK

2010 Grant Recipients

Kelly McGauley '11
Exploring the Role of the Governess in Victorian and Gothic Fiction

2009 Grant Recipients

Amanda Lewis ’10
Perceptions and Realities: Discerning the Relationship between Mayan Women and the Roman Catholic Church

2008 Grant Recipients

Amanda Lewis ’10
Perceptions and Realities: Discerning the Relationship between Mayan Women and the Roman Catholic Church

Daniel Nolan ’09
Coming Out and Identity Formation in Gay Male Teens

Patrick Tighe ’10
Matrilineal and Christian Traditions: Moral Resources Against Ghanaian Female Subjugation

2007 Grant Recipients

Andrea Torres Hermoza ’09
Women’s Changing Roles in Latin American Politics

Jamie Catherine Grebowski ’08
Estimating the Effects of Single-Sex Secondary Education on Further Education and the Labor Market

Daniela De Luna ’08
Bebe a Bordo: Teenage Pregnancy among Mexican-American Girls