Linnie Caye

Linnie Caye is the Program Coordinator for the Gender Studies Program. Linnie provides administrative support to the Director/Director of Graduate Students and Associate Director/Director of Undergraduate Students.  She maintains the daily calendar for the Director/DGS, Associate Director/DUS, the Gender Studies Program, and is the liaison between the Arts and Letters Dean's office and the Program. Linnie supervises seven budgets, manages annual elections, coordinates event planning, supervises the publication of the annual Gender Studies Honor Society research journal and regulates all office maintenance.  She is responsible for the maintenance and updating of the website.  She assists with Program renewals/reappointments/hiring of faculty and graduate students. She is in charge of the marketing/advertising and implementation of documentation with respect to sponsored events, research workshops, summer grants, research grants, writing awards, book clubs and general information meetings.  Linnie hires and supervises the student employees of Gender Studies and serves on the Gender Studies Steering Committee as a non-voting member.

She represents the department and its programs to administrators, vendors, students, parents, alumni, and the public. 

Linnie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts from UCLA.

Travel experience: Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Portugal, Spain, Kuwait, Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, Sri Lanka, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan