Dan Graff

Dan Graff is professor of the practice in the department of history and director of the Higgins Labor Program, an interdisciplinary unit of the Center for Social Concerns sponsoring research, education, and community engagement on issues involving work, labor organization, and social justice. His research and teaching focus is American labor history, with a particular interest in the problems of work, slavery, and freedom in the nineteenth-century United States as well as the place of work in contemporary American politics and culture. His current research projects include an exploration of labor, race, slavery, and freedom in nineteenth-century St. Louis and representations of work and opportunity in the contemporary USA. At the Higgins Labor Program he curates the Labor Song of the Month and writes the blog The Labor Question Today.
Select courses: Gender@Work in US History, US Labor History, 1776-1945; Labor & America since 1945; Food, Work, and Power in American History; Abraham Lincoln’s America; Jacksonian America, 1815-1846: Culture, Politics, and Society; The Right to Vote in American History
Department of History bio  dgraff@nd.edu  574/631-5845

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