Elizabeth Evans

Elizabeth Evans is a Visiting Research Assistant Professor in the Department of English. Her work focuses on gender, race, and sexuality in British and Anglophone literature of the long twentieth century.  She is currently completing a book on how modernist literature was thematically and formally shaped by women’s increasing public presence as workers and pleasure seekers in London from the 1880s through the 1930s. Related publications include an edited collection, Woolf and the City (Coeditor Sarah Cornish, Clemson U. Digital Press, 2010), and several essays, such as “‘We Are Photographers, Not Mountebanks!’: Spectacle, Commercial Space, and the New Public Woman” in Amy Levy: Critical Essays, Ed. Naomi Hetherington and Nadia Valman (Ohio UP, 2010), “London Calling: Una Marson in the Colonial London Scene” in Virginia Woolf and the Common(weath) Reader, Eds. Helen Wussow and Mary Ann Gillies (Clemson U. Digital Press, 2014), and “‘Counter-Jumpers’ and ‘Queens of the Street’: The Shop Girl of Gissing and his Contemporaries” in Gissing and the City. Cultural Crisis and the Making of Books in Late-Victorian England, Ed. and intro. John Spiers (Palgrave Macmillan, 2006). Two additional essays have appeared recently: “Air War, Propaganda, and Woolf’s Anti-Tyranny Aesthetic” in Modern Fiction Studies (2013) and “Two Paths for Writing by Women in Modernist Studies” in a special issue on “The Future of Women’s Literature in Modernist Studies” with Literature Compass (2013).
Select Courses: Habits of Modernity: Gender, Mobility, and the Everyday (graduate level, team-taught with Barbara Green), Writing India. 
Department of English bio  elizabeth.evans@nd.edu 574/631-5875   

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