Katie Jarvis

Katie Jarvis is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History and is a historian of early and late modern France. Her research focuses on popular politics, broadly conceived, during the French Revolution. She is especially interested in the intersection of social and cultural history, as well as gender history. She teaches courses on French and European history from the seventeenth century to the present. 


Jarvis has published in La Révolution française (2015) and has co-edited a special journal issue of Genre & Histoire (2016). She has also served as a steering member of a Paris-based workgroup on gender and the popular classes. Jarvis’s forthcoming articles include “‘Patriotic Discipline’: Cloistered Behinds, Public Judgment, and Female Violence in Revolutionary Paris” in Practiced Citizenship: Women, Gender, and the State in Modern France and “Exacting Change: Money, Market Women, and the Crumbling Corporate World in the French Revolution” in the Journal of Social History. She is currently completing a book manuscript entitled Politics in the Marketplace: Work, Gender, and Citizenship in Revolutionary France.


Select Courses: From Humors to Hysteria: Human and Political Bodies in European History, 1517-1918; The French Revolution and Napoleon; Old Regime France; Modern France (USEM)

Department of History bio     kjarvis@nd.edu    574/631.8130


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