Nan Z. Da

Nan Z. Da is an Assistant Professor of American literature in the department of English. Her scholarly interests range from nineteenth-century American literature to contemporary Chinese literary culture to the futures of the praxis of feminism. These projects tackle, in various ways, the relationships between book-based fantasies, political utopianisms, and cross-national “adjustment.”  She is finishing a book project titled "Within Formality: the Literature of Intransitive Transnationalisms." In it she uses nineteenth-century Sino-American literary exchanges to isolate a shift in the conceptualization of literature's agency across national borders, and offer up as parables the literary forms that traffick in non-transmissive encounter. She has published versions of this work in American Literary History (as the lead article), J19, and the Henry James Review. Her readings of contemporary literary cultures and transnationalism in a feminist and gender studies framework is forthcoming in two articles in the journal Signs: "Feminist Sinologies" & "On the Decipherment of Modern China and Spurned Lovers: Zhai Yongming's Most Tactful Verses." Nan Da is also a fellow with the Liu Institute for Asian Studies.
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