Perin Gurel

Perin Gurel is an Assistant Professor, American Studies, Transnational American Studies.  Her research focuses on comparative studies of gender, sexuality and the politics of transculturation, with special focus on the postwar United States and the Middle East. She is currently working on her first book, Wild Westernization: Gender, Sexuality, and the United States in Turkey, which explores how conflicts over the concept of “westernization” in Turkey have historically influenced and continue to influence U.S.-Turkish relations, cultural production, and sexual politics. Previous publications include "A Natural Little Girl: Reproduction and Naturalism in The Bad Seed as Novel, Play and Film,” Adaptation 3.2 (2010): 132-154 and “Transnational Feminism, Islam, and the Other Woman: How To Teach,” Radical Teacher 86 (2010): 66-70.
Department of American Studies bio  574/631-0250

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