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Barbara Green CF

Barbara Green is a Professor of English, where she currently serves as Director of Graduate Studies, and Concurrent Faculty in Gender Studies.  Her areas of specialization are Gender and (British) Modernism, Modern Periodical Studies and Feminist Print Culture, and she teaches courses in those areas as well as in autobiography studies.  She is the author of Spectacular Confessions: Autobiography, Performative Activism, and the Sites of Suffrage, 1905-1938 (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1997) and has recently completed a study of the “feminist everyday” in periodicals from the Edwardian to interwar period.   She is currently serving as book review editor for the Journal of Modern Periodical Studies and is co-editor of a volume of essays on Interwar British periodicals aimed at women.  Recent publications include “Mediating Women: Evelyn Sharp and the Feminist Networks of Suffrage Print Culture.” The History of British Women’s Writing, Volume 7, 1880-1920.  Ed. Holly Laird.  Palgrave Macmillan Press (forthcoming); “Recovering Feminist Criticism: Repetition, Women Writers, and Feminist Periodical Studies.” Literature Compass 10.1 (January 2013): 53-60.  (Special issue on The Future of Women in Modernism.); “Complaints of Everyday Life: Feminist Periodical Culture and Correspondence Columns in the Woman Worker and the Freewoman.”  Modernism/modernity, 19.3 (September 2012): 461-485; “Introduction: the Freewoman.”  Modernist Journals Project

Select courses: Gender and Space (with Pam Wojcik at the Graduate Level); Gender, Modernity and Print Culture (Grad); The Habits of Modernity (Grad Level with Liz Evans); Autobiography and Subjectivity (Undergraduate); Gender and Modernity (Undergraduate); Virginia Woolf and Bloomsbury (Undergraduate).

Department of English bio   574/631-7010

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