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Elizabeth F. Evans is a visiting assistant professor in the Department of English and concurrent visiting assistant professor in the Gender Studies Program. Her work focuses on gender, race, and spectatorship in British and Anglophone literature of the long twentieth century. She is the author of Threshold Modernism: New Public Women and the Literary Spaces of Imperial London (Cambridge University Press, 2018), which demonstrates the pervasive importance of modern urban women in British and colonial narratives from the 1880s through the 1930s.


Evans continues her study of gender, race, and urban space in an ongoing collaborative project that uses computational methods to examine large scale literary trends. “Nation, Ethnicity, and the Geography of British Fiction, 1880-1940” (co-authored with Matthew Wilkens), maps London’s cultural geography across a corpus of over 10,000 digitized literary texts. Evans is now at work on a related study of how gender influenced the geography of nineteenth- and twentieth-century British fiction. She has also begun a new book about air power and aerial views in British and global Anglophone writing.


Evans is the coeditor of Woolf and the City (2010) and has published in Modern Fiction Studies, Literature Compass, and Cultural Analytics as well as in edited collections on Amy Levy, George Gissing, and Virginia Woolf. She serves on the advisory committees of the International Virginia Woolf Society and of the Space Between Society: Literature and Culture, 1914-1945.

Select Courses: Writing India (undergrad), Sex and Gender in the Victorian Novel (undergrad), Novels of London (undergrad), Habits of Modernity: Gender, Mobility, and the Everyday (grad level, with Barbara Green), Foundations in Gender Studies (grad level).

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