Jessica Collett

Jessica Collett CF

Jessica L. Collett  is currently an Associate Professor in Sociology and a faculty fellow at the Kroc Institute for Peace Studies. She is a social psychologist, most interested in small group processes, identity, and the relationship between the two. Her work spans substantive areas, employing social psychological concepts and theories in the study of family, religion, work, and education, and uses diverse methodological approaches. Recent research appears in Social Forces, Social Science Research, and the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. In her current research, including an article in Social Psychology Quarterly (with students Kelcie Vercel and Olevia Boykin), she examines the foundations, forms, and implications of men's identities as fathers. She is also working on projects that explore gender differences in graduate student professionalization and the experience of impostorism among graduate students.

Select Courses: Socialization and The Life Course (undergraduate); The Social Construction of Difference and Inequality (undergraduate)

Department of Sociology bio   574/631-5076

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