Abigail Ferguson

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Gender Studies Major, Psychology Major


After taking Introduction to Gender Studies in my Freshman year I was immediately hooked. Soon I became a minor, and then a supplementary major, and now I am graduating with a full, primary major in Gender Studies. Most semesters my favorite class was a Gender Studies course. Because of its interdisciplinary nature, I was able to take classes in history, sociology, political science, FTT, and more, all the while developing a better understanding of gender. Because of these courses, I have the knowledge and understanding to see gender in action around me, recognize the history that brought us to this point, and discern how I can engage with it in a way that respects the varied experience of gender across all races, classes, sexualities, and other identities. For this and more, I am forever grateful to Pam, Linnie, and all of the professors connected to the department. I'm not sure what my future is going to look like, but I know that every day of it will be impacted by my experiences through the Gender Studies department at Notre Dame, and I wouldn't have it any other way.