Engineering Degree

Expand your views on the world and your opportunities as an engineer via a minor in the Gender Studies Program.

Add another angle to your engineering degree with a Gender Studies minor.

Why is only 13% of the engineering sector's workforce female?

How can an understanding of gender play a role in interpreting customer needs?

What organizations are helping young women to succeed in engineering?

How can a gendered analysis contribute to making public transportation more efficient and democratic?

How does the leaky pipeline reflect challenges women face in the STEM fields?

Consider another perspective with a Gender Studies minor (15 credits)
2 required courses (6 credits):
  • Introduction to Gender Studies (fulfills SOSC requirement)
  • Perspectives on Gender: Theory and Practice
3 elective courses (9 credits); use them to focus your minor:

Want to consider the impact of gender on engineering?

Design a Gender Studies minor focused on the role of gender in design, systems, and society. 
Choose 3 electives from courses like*:

  • Gender, Race and Science
  • Anthropology of Everyday Life
  • Gender and Space
  • The Apartment Plot
  • Socialization and the Life Course
  • Gender and Archeology

Want to add some arts and humanities to your engineering degree? 

Design a Gender Studies minor focused on arts and culture.
Choose 3 electives from courses like*:

  • American “Chicks”
  • The Movie Musical
  • Fashioning American Identities
  • Gender and Popular Culture
  • Gender and Fan Studies
  • Jane’s Heirs
  • Media and Identity

*examples of recent course offerings; to see our current list of courses, visit undergraduate courses

Set yourself apart with a Gender Studies minor.

For more information, contact Dr. Pamela Butler:

Why STEM students need gender studies