Science Degree

Expand your views on science and medicine and your opportunities as a scientist or medical professional via a minor in the Gender Studies Program.
Look at your science degree through a different lens -- add a Gender Studies minor.

Why does diversity matter in the sciences? 

Why are there still so few famous women scientists?

Why are there more women studying biology than any other scientific field? 

How does a science degree help women's job opportunities and upward mobility?

How does the leaky pipeline reflect challenges women face in the STEM fields?

Consider another perspective with a Gender Studies minor (15 credits)
2 required courses (6 credits):
  • Introduction to Gender Studies (fulfills SOSC requirement)
  • Perspectives on Gender: Theory and Practice
3 elective courses (9 credits); use them to focus your minor:

Want to consider the impact of gender on the sciences?

Design a Gender Studies minor focused on science and health issues. 
Choose 3 electives from courses like*:

  • Theories of Sexual Difference
  • The Science-Gender Connection
  • U.S. Sex, Sexuality, and Gender from 1880
  • Gender and Health
  • Evolutionary and Medical Perspectives on Fatherhood
  • Anthropology of Reproduction

Want to add some arts and humanities to your engineering degree? 

Design a Gender Studies minor focused on arts and culture.
Choose 3 electives from courses like*:

  • American “Chicks”
  • The Movie Musical
  • Fashioning American Identities
  • Gender and Popular Culture
  • Gender and Fan Studies
  • Jane’s Heirs
  • Media and Identity

*examples of recent course offerings; to see our current list of courses, visit undergraduate courses

Set yourself apart with a Gender Studies minor.

For more information, contact Dr. Pamela Butler:

Why STEM students need gender studies