Gender, Place and Space: An Interdisciplinary Conference

Location: McKenna

March 25-27, 2010

All events take place at McKenna Hall, unless otherwise noted

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Thursday, March 25
Registration 10AM – 11AM (and ongoing)
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Poster Session
Man Ke, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Jenn Griggs, University of New Mexico
Jennifer Lang, Delgado Community College
Melissa Meade, Temple University
Melinda Salazar, Western New Mexico University

Session I. 11– 12:45PM
A. Virtual Spaces
Chair: Kathleen Pyne, University of Notre Dame
Ryan Bowles, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Public Spaces/Private Looking: Panic, Policy and
Portable Porn Screens.”
Samuel Buelow, Indiana University, “Gay Kazakhstan Online: The Internet as National and Transnational
Gay Space.”
Jungimn Kwon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “Cybermasculinity of Parody Cultures in
Erin Moore, University of Chicago, “ ‘The Girl Effect:’ Philanthropic Distance and Online Social Spaces.”

B. Housing Design
Chair: Gail Bederman, University of Notre Dame
Madeleine Esch, Salve Regina University, “Remodeling Homes and Domestic Gender Roles on TV.”
Alison Hoffman, UCLA, “Home Bodies: Women’s Cinematic Experiments in (Re-)Inhabiting Domestic
Kathryn Oberdeck, University of Illinois, “Gender at Home in the World: Placing Women and Men in the
Kohler Better Homes Movement, 1920-1970.”
Azita Rezvan and Denise Lawrence-Zuniga, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona,
“Reconfiguring Privacy: Modernist Housing’s Impact on Women in Contemporary Iran.”

C. Political Landscape
Chair: Susan Kus, Rhodes College
Susan Kus, Rhodes College, “One Malagasy King, 12 Sacred Mountains and 12 Queens to Sit Atop Them:
Political Landscape in 18th Century Central Madagascar.”
Rachel Pierce, University of Virginia, “Spatial Sexism: The Women’s Movement Moves into Congress.”
Meredith Raimondo, Oberlin College, “Domestic, Infectious: Mass Media Geographies of the H1N1 Flu
Xenia Srebianski Harwell, United States Military Academy, “Alja Rachmanowa: Gender, Space, and

Session II. 2:00-3:45PM
A. Queer Spaces
Chair: Nick Davis, Northwestern University
Nick Davis, Northwestern University, “ ‘Queer’ Cinema, or the Ambiguities: Space and Desire in Beau
Travail and Pola X.”
Dan Humphrey, Texas A&M University, “In and Out: The Queer Gaze in Art-Cinema Space.”
Meredith Meagher, University of Notre Dame, “ ‘We’re Irish, We’re Queer, We Have the Right to be
Here’: Immigration, Sexuality, and the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization in New York City.”
Andrew Ross, University of Michigan, “Dissolving Boundaries: Urban Space and the Sexual Cultures of
Nineteenth-Century Paris.”

B. Ritual Spaces
Chair: Deborah Rotman, University of Notre Dame
Joseph Hellweg, Florida State University, “The Gender of the Hunt: The Creation of Ritual and Domestic
Space by Jula Hunters of the Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa.”
Gillian Richards-Greaves, Indiana University, Bloomington, “The Use of Space in Afro-Guyanese Kweh-
Kweh Ritual Performances and Identity Negotiations.”
Andrea Turpin, University of Notre Dame, “The Gendered Nature of Religious Spaces on the American
College Campus, 1870-1917.”
Tessa Wegener, Georgetown University, “Gender, Spatiality and Ritual: Female Identity in the Austrian
Home in Peter Handke’s A Sorrow Beyond Dreams.”

C. Homed and Unhomed
Chair: Barbara Green University of Notre Dame
Hulda Amenya, University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, Kenya, “The Treatment of Gender, Place and
Space by Two African Female Writers.”
Denise Ayo, University of Notre Dame, “ Davy Byrne’s Pub & the No. 11 Bus: ‘Moral’ Public Spaces in
James Joyce’s Ulysses and Elizabeth Bowen’s To the North.”
Kayla Walker Edin, Southern Methodist University. “‘How Had I Come to Be Here’: Elizabeth Bishop and
the Discourse of Choice"
Jacquilyn Weeks, University of Notre Dame, “Hearth Space, Story Space: British Poets Spinning Threads
and Fairy Tales from 1900-1950.”

Session III. 4:00-5:45PM

Everyday Life
Chair: Meredith Chesson, University of Notre Dame
Meredith Chesson, University of Notre Dame, “Feminist Approaches to Peopling Places of Deep
Prehistory: Homes, People, and Everyday Life in the Early Bronze Age Community of Numeira, Jordan.”
Natalie Fullwood, University of Cambridge, “Kitchen Spaces in Commedia All’italiana: Gender,
Modernization and Negotiating Change.”
Barbara Green, University of Notre Dame, “Making the Ladies’ Page a Feminist Space: Periodical Culture
and a Feminist Everyday.”
Rana Sharif, UCLA, “Time and Space/Gender and Power: Theorizing the Everyday in the Occupied
Palestinian Territory of the West Bank.”

B. Tourist Spaces
Chair: Merrill Schleier, University of the Pacific
Angelletta Gourdine, Louisiana State University, “DestiNation Paradise: Gender in Tourism’s Imaginings
of Caribbean Spaces.”
Ann-Charlotte Runnvik, Linköping University, “Inter-modal Travel Centers as Gendered Spaces.”
Merrill Schleier, University of the Pacific, “Fatal Attractions: Gender, ‘Place’ and the Korean War in
Niagara (1953).”
Laura Spear, Austin College, “The Ties that Bind: Railway Spaces in Emile Zola’s The Human Beast (1890)
and Jean Renoir’s The Human Beast (1938).”

C. Changing Conceptions of Home
Chair: Samantha Salden, University of Notre Dame
Peter Blickle, Western Michigan University, “Love of Place: Home/Homeland as Conceived in Eastern
and Central European Cultures.”
Joanna Kot, Northern Illinois University, “Home: From Prison to Refuge: Its Function in the Formation of
Female Subjects in 1930’s Polish Women’s Drama.”
Eugene Halton, University of Notre Dame, “The Nowhere Life of the Neutered Gender.”
Stacy Weida, Indiana University, Bloomington, “McMansions and Empty Cul-de-sacs: Contemporary
Representations of Suburbia.”

Keynote 7:00PM, Christopher Reed, Associate Professor of English and Visual Culture, Pennsylvania State, “Against Amnesia: Places of (Lesbian/Gay) Memory”

Friday, March 26

Session IV. 9:00-10:45AM
A. Real and Imaginary Prisons
Chair: Alyssa Gillespie, University of Notre Dame
Ryan Downey and Samantha Schalk, University of Notre Dame, “Taking Feminine Practices into
Masculine Space: Creative Writing in a Boys’ Juvenile Correctional Facility.”
Julieanna Frost, Siena Heights University, “The Michigan Industrial Home for Girls: A Space for Reform.”
Anup Grewal, University of Chicago, “Women as Political Collectivity: Transforming the Fascist Prison
Space in Hu Lanqi’s In a German Women’s Prison.”
Wemar Strydom, North-West University, South Africa, “Queering Robbeneiland: The Detention Centre
as Transgressive Border Zone in Proteus (2005, Jack Lewis & John Greyson).”

B. Apartments and Hotels
Chair: Sarah Rasmusson, University of Illinois
Yvette Blackwood, University of Tasmania, “Will I Ever be in a Hotel Again?”
Sarah Rasmusson, University of Illinois, “GIRLS ONLY: Sex, the City & Hotels for Women, 1878-1998.”
Jessica Wienhold-Brokish, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, “Exploring Agoraphobia: The Place
of the Apartment in Postcommunist Women’s Literature.”
Pamela Robertson Wojcik, University of Notre Dame, “ ‘We Like Our Apartment:’ The Playboy Indoors.”

C. Feminine Places
Chair: Deborah Rotman, University of Notre Dame
Jennifer Fox, University of Notre Dame, “The Perils of Entering a Feminine Place: The Ambience of
Orientalism in Plutarch’s Life of Marc Antony.”
Christophe Kone, Rutgers University, “‘Frauenzimmer’: (En)gendering the ‘Women’s Room’ in Miss Sara
Sampson, Emilia Galotti, and Minna von Barnhlem.”
Stina Soderling, Rutgers University, “Borders in the Lesbian Land Movement.”
Nina Vollenbröker, Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, “At Home in the
Wilderness: The Nineteenth-Century American West as Site of Female Rootedness and Belonging.”

Session V. 11:00-12:45PM
A. Home Interiors
Chair: Hilde Heynen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Márcia Cuhna and Gonçalo Furtado, Oporto University, Portugal, “Housing and Feminism: Portugal and the Space Of the
Hilde Heynen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, “Gender Inscriptions in the Home: The Garage as
Ambivalent Figure.”
Hilary Hinds, Lancaster University, UK, “Twin Beds, Domestic Hygiene and the Ebbs and Flows of Modern
Kaitlin Walker, University of California, Davis, “Making Home, Daughters, and Borders in Sandra
Cisnero’s Caramelo.”

B. Rural Spaces
Chair: Essaka Joshua, University of Notre Dame
Ryan Cartwright, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, “Dense Landscapes, Dense Minds: Knowing Rural
Sexuality in 1970s Horror Films.”
Brandon Haddock, Kansas State University, “Rough and Ready: Expectations of Gender and Sexual
Identity in Rural Kansas.”
Jess Harris, Washington University at St. Louis, “Of Hollers, Hicktowns, and Bookies: Metrocentrism and
the Literature of the Rural Homosexual.”
Melinda Salazar, Western New Mexico University, “Challenges, Successes and Unpredicted Results for
Women’s Equality and Rural Community Sustainability.”

C. Screen Space
Chair: Sara Hall, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jennifer Fleeger, The Catholic University of America, “Opera Cut Short: From the Castrato to the Film
Sara Hall, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Mostly Martha But Considerably More Kate: Relocating Bella
Marta in the Shadow of 9/11.”
Tonia Kazakopoulou, University of Reading, “The Mating Game: Building Sites and Gendered Identities.”
Lida Oukaderova, Rice University, “Engendering Space in Post-Stalinist Soviet Cinema.”

Lunch. 1:00- 2:00PM
Session VI. 2:00-3:45PM
A. Parks and Gardens
Chair: Sara Maurer, University of Notre Dame
James Kates, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, “A Place for Men (and Women): Forest Regeneration
and the Female Voice in the Early Twentieth Century.”
Pranta Patnaik, Delhi School of Economics, “Moving Bodies, Performing Gender: Understanding Park as
a “Queer” Space in a North Indian City.”
Nora Wiechert, Washington State University, “‘Mythical and Mundane’: Gender and the Public Garden
in Katherine Mansfield and Djuna Barnes’s Short Fiction.”

B. Exceptional Spaces
Chair: Ben Davies, University of St. Andrews
Ben Davies, University of St. Andrews, “Sex in the State of Exception.”
Jenn Griggs, University of New Mexico, “Embodying Cadence: Femme Narratives in the City.”
Sarah Morice Brubaker, University of Notre Dame, “Begotten…Where? Putting Place Back in the Trinity
and the Trinity Back in Place.”
Stephanie Pocock, University of Notre Dame. “I Have Become the Sea’s Craft”: Authorial Subjectivity in
Walcott’s Omeros and Dabydeen’s ‘Turner’.”

C. Work Spaces
Chair: Susan Ohmer, University of Notre Dame
Jayanti Gokhale, IBSAR Institute of Management Studies, Karjat, India, “Perception of Working
Mothers (in Night Shifts) on the Role of Employers for a Good Working Environment.”
Rebecca Houze, Northern Illinois University, “Locating ‘Womanly Work’ in Late Nineteenth-Century
Melissa Kravetz, University of Maryland, “Jugendfürsorge: A Physical and Discursive Space for Weimar
Women Doctor.”
Tracy McLoone, George Mason University. “Shopping Stories: Consumption, Space, and Women’s

Session VII. 4:00-5:45PM
A. Memorials
Chair: Erika Doss, University of Notre Dame
Lizzie Anderson, Penn State University. “ ‘The Most Blessed and Sacred Spot on Earth:’ Landscapes of
Death and the Construction of the Perfect Mother in the Nineteenth Century”
Erika Doss, University of Notre Dame, “Women Warrior Memorials and Issues of Gender in
Contemporary American Public Spaces.”
Paola Ehrmentraut, University of St. Thomas, “Masculinities on Display: Remembering the
Falklands/Malvinas War.”
Yuchia Rob Lo, National Taiwan University, “A Safer Place under the Shade of Monument: Toward a Civic
Space of Gay Community in Taipei.”

B. Female Places
Chair: Pamela Robertson Wojcik, University of Notre Dame
Estelle Dansereau, University of Calgary, “The Seniors’ Residence as Heteroetopic Space: Canadian
Novelists Marguerite Primeau and Joan Barfoot.”
Edith Gaillard, François-Rabelais University, “Habit and Gender: Examples of Feminist Habitats in France
and Germany.”
Jennifer Lang, Delgado Community College, “Community Improvement and the Women’s Club
Movement in Wilmington, North Carolina – 1895 to 1950.”
Melissa Meade, Temple University, “Beautiful Penn ‘Wimmin’ (sic) Writing in a Room of Their Own.”

C. Narrative Space
Chair: Carlos Jerez-Farran, University of Notre Dame
Fatos Adiloglu, Bahçesehir University, “Past and Present: House and Home.”
Ryan Fletcher, University of Texas at Dallas, “Tracks in London: Finding a Place in Virgina Woolf’s The
London Scene and Mrs. Dalloway.”
Fara Rabenarivio, The University of Texas Pan American, “> Writing of Space and Place and
the Promise of a New Dawn in Léonora Miano’s Contours du jour qui vient.”
Charlotte Whittle, Brown University. “The House of the State and the State of the House: Spaces in
Pérez Galdós’s Miau and Dickens’s Bleak House.”

Dinner. 6:30Pm -7:45Pm
Plenary Session. 8:00PM – 10:00PM
Chair: Pamela Robertson Wojcik, University of Notre Dame
Erika Doss, Professor and Chair, American Studies, University of Notre Dame
Hilde Heynen, Professor, Architectural Theory, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Susan Kus, Professor and Cahir, Anthropology and Sociology, Rhodes College
Merrill Schleier, Professor, Art and Architectural History and Film Studies, University of the

Saturday, March 27

Session VIII. 9:30-10:45AM
A. Sex Spaces
Chair: Agustin Fuentes, University of Notre Dame
Pamela Butler, University of Minnesota, “Rewriting the ‘Sex Wars’: Race, Space, and Labor in
Minneapolis Anti-pornography Feminism, 1980-90.”
Cierra Olivia Thomas-Williams, Indiana University, Bloomington, “The Cosmopolitan Effect: Popular
Culture, International Market Development, and ‘Incommensurable’ Feminisms.”
Jessica Wall, Indiana University, Bloomington, “Silent Spaces: In Search of a History of Pleasure.”

B. Sport Spaces
Chair: John Soares, University of Notre Dame
Genevieve Berrick, Melbourne University, “Violent Women/Women and Violence: Roller Derby.”
John Robinson, George Mason University, “Race-ing and Place-ing Pickup: An Ethnographic study of
Pickup Basketball on University Floorspace.”
John Soares, University of Notre Dame, “> (“Real
Men Play Hockey!”) Hockey as a Masculine Place in Historic and International Context.”

C. Artistic Spaces
Chair: Elyse Speaks, University of Notre Dame
Angela Glaros, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “The Erotics of Singing and Space in Skyros,
Harris Greenberg, Boston University, “Placing a Face on Plaster: Engendering the Spaces of Neolithic
Plaster Production.”
Elyse Speaks, University of Notre Dame, “Spatial Contradiction and the Gender of Sculpture in the

Session IX. 11:00-12:45PM
A. Thresholds and Borders
Chair: Alison Caviness-Gibson, University of Virginia
Alison Caviness-Gibson, University of Virginia, “Queering White Southern Femininity in A Streetcar
Named Desire.”
Heather Collete-VanDeraa, UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television, “Lost In(between) Space: Missing
Girls, Liminality and the Searching Subject in Cinema.”
Mariah DevereuxHerbeck, Boise State University, “Coline Serreau’s Chaos: New World Order in a
Feminine Utopia?.”
Will Kuby, University of Pennsylvania, “Borderline Vows: Journeys from Marital Wasteland to Marriage
Mill in an Age of Nuptial Regulation.”

B. Maternal Spaces
Chair: Leslie Abramson, Lake Forest College
Leslie Abramson, Lake Forest College, “Chamber of Horrors: Rosemary’s Baby & the Hollywood
Teri Chettiar, Northwestern University, “Domesticating Mental Health: On Motherhood, Mental
Hospitals, and the Postwar Revolution in British Psychiatric Understanding, 1946-c.1968.”
Laura Harrison, Indiana University, “Picturing the Fetus: Fetal Personhood, Surrogacy and Surveillance.”
Abigail Palko, University of Notre Dame, “Aborting Domesticity: Jean Rhys’s Voyage in the Dark and
Elizabeth Bowen’s The House in Paris.”

C. Undergraduate Panel
Chair: Jacqueline Weeks, University of Notre Dame
Megan Baker, University of Notre Dame, Misogynist Trains, Feminist Trains: From Russia With Love and
The Lady Vanishes”
Robert Larios, University of Notre Dame “Women on Top: The Role of ‘Women’ in and out of the Office
Meredith Ragany, University of Notre Dame “Women as Patrons or Subjects: Virginia Woolf’s Evaluation
of Women in Libraries”
Mariel Synan, University of Notre Dame, “Representations of Women in the White House in Aaron
Sorkin’s The West Wing.”

Lunch. 1:00-2:00
Session X. 2:00-3:45PM
A. African American Spaces
Chair: Heidi Ardizzone, University of Notre Dame
Heidi Ardizzone, University of Notre Dame, “‘Where Do We Belong?’ Color, Access, and the Problem of
the Racial Future in Black Abolitionist Newspapers, 1830-1860.”
Dong Isbister, Ohio State University, “Rhetoric of Race on the Road: Place and Space Matter in Zora
Neale Hurston’s Dust Tracks.”
Brendan Kredell, Northwestern University, “Marking Class and Gender in the Films of Tyler Perry.”
April Lidinsky, Indiana University, South Bend, “Staging Identities, Fictioning Spaces: Pauline Hopkins,
African-American Women Workers, and the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition.”

B. Urban Women
Chair: Janet Kourany, University of Notre Dame
Heather Capitanio, University of Massachusetts. “Denison House Settlement: Redefining Class and
Gender Roles Through Use of Space.”
Elizabeth Clarke, Wilfrid Laurier University, “The Act is Going Solo: Solo Sunny (1979) and Finding
Identity in the GDR City.”
Safaa Monqid, Center for Research and Economic, Legal, and Social Documentation, “The Moroccan
Women and the Strategies of the Appropriation of the Public Spaces (The Case of the City of Rabat).”
Lauren Rich, University of Notre Dame, “A Table for One: The Café in Early Twentieth-Century British

C. Undergraduate Panel
Chair: Abigail Palko, University of Notre Dame
Eleanor Huntington, “Please Don’t Change Our Homes: Masculine Domesticity in Post World War II
Patrick Montalvo, University of Notre Dame, “The Modern Day Flaneuse in a Postmodern Environment”
Justin Perez, University of Notre Dame, “Pichanga de locas: Gay Gender, Language and Volleyball in
Callao, Peru”
Malisha Samarasekera, University of Notre Dame, “Emasculation through the Gaze: the Feminizing Force
of the Panopticon in Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoos’ Nest”

Session XI. 4:00-5:45PM
A. Masculine Spaces
Chair: Donald Crafton, University of Notre Dame
Dylan Barth, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, “Apocalypse, Masculinity, and Space in Chuch
Palahniuk’s Fight Club.”
Karen Falconer Al Hindi, University of Nebraska at Omaha, “‘My Child Has Made Me That Father’:
Masculinity, Geography, and Care for Children with Autism.”
Lourdes Hurtado, University of Notre Dame, “The Peruvian Civilized Barracks and the
Feminine/Backward Maternal Home.”
Ishita Shruti, Indian Institute of Technology, “Where Private Becomes Public: Indian Mosquito-Net
Sellers in Phnom Penh.”
B. Sacred Space
Chair: Susannah Monta, University of Notre Dame
Helga Duncan, Stonehill College, “Female Libertinism and Sacred Space in Aphra Behn’s Love-Letters
Between a Nobleman and His Sister.”
Man Ke, Northwest University for Nationalities, China, “Same Place, Difference Spaces: Gender
Relations of Dongxiang Muslim People in Gansu, China.”
Meredith Whitnah and Patricia Snell, University of Notre Dame, “Interactions of Gender, Socioeconomic
Status, and Denomination in Spatial Concentrations of Religious Youth Socialization Efforts.”

C. Novel Spaces
Chair: April Lidinsky, Indiana University, South Bend
Thomas Cole, University of Florida, “Defining a Person vis-à-vis Space in Edith Wharton’s The Age of
Kelcey Parker, Indiana University, South Bend, “ ‘Something is Wrong in the House’ of Fiction: Gothic
and Domestic Hauntings in Kathryn Davis’s Hell.”
Chelsea Stripe, Purdue University, “Joyce Johnson and Hettie Jones: Two Female Beats Combating
Containment Inside and Out.”
Siân White, James Madison University, “Expanding Points of View, Collapsing Spaces: Mrs. Dalloway and
Juxtaposing Gender.”