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Teaching Apprentices

Postdoctoral Fellow

Anna Wald

Anna P. Wald is the current postdoctoral research fellow in Gender Studies at the University of Notre Dame. She received her Doctorate in Feminist Studies from UC Santa Barbara (2022), and was previously appointed as a visiting assistant professor in Gender and Sexuality Studies at Bates College (2022-2023). Her research focuses on race, gender, and technology, with a specialization in digital culture studies, online discourse analysis, and racialized media.



Perin Gurel Square

Perin Gürel is an Associate Professor of American Studies and concurrent Associate Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Notre Dame. She is the author of The Limits of Westernization: A Cultural History of America in Turkey (New York: Columbia University Press, 2017). Her articles have appeared in American Quarterly, American Literary History, Diplomatic History, Journal of Transnational American Studies, Journal of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association, Journal of Turkish Literature, and elsewhere. Her 2019 American Quarterly article, “Amerikan Jokes: The Transnational Politics of Unlaughter in Turkey,” won the 2020 Jack Rosenbalm Prize for American Humor Studies. Gürel has received fellowships and grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the American Research Institute in Turkey, and the Institute of Turkish Studies. Her second book, America's Wife, America's Concubine: Turkey, Iran, and the Politics of Comparison, analyzes cultural production in Turkish, Persian, and English to examine how comparisons between Turkey and Iran have operated politically and culturally from the Cold War to the War on Terror.


Steering Committee

The Gender Studies Steering Committee advises and assists the Director on matters pertaining to the Program’s academic curriculum and programming. Members of the Committee also help to promote the Gender Studies Program as a scholarly community committed to the interdisciplinary study of gender and sexuality. Current Steering Committee Members