Why pursue a graduate minor in Gender Studies?

Graduate students in a terminal master's or doctoral degree program at the University of Notre Dame have the opportunity to complete a minor concentration in Gender Studies. No prior training in gender studies is required for admission.

The main goal of our graduate minor is to train students in the interdisciplinary field of study focused on gender and sexuality and their intersections with other identity categories, including race, ethnicity, class, age, ability, nationality, and religion.

Pursuing a Gender Studies graduate minor is an excellent way for students to delve deeper into gender-centered interdisciplinary research, as well as to become part of a large, cross-campus community of scholars involved in research, teaching, service, activism, and programming related to gender and sexuality. The Gender Studies graduate minor program offers many opportunities for students to enhance their education and marketability, including research workshops, teaching apprenticeships, research grants, and writing awards. 

Gender Studies graduate students work with faculty with expertise in a wide range of approaches to the study of gender, making our program somewhat unique among Notre Dame departments in the ability to provide students with an interdisciplinary education.

“Gender studies is still front and center in what I read, write, and teach. My graduate minor provided me with the frameworks and knowledge to conduct sophisticated analyses of literary and visual texts, and it helped me to determine the extent to which gender ideologies influence the production of cultural artifacts.”

—Angel Matos, PhD English ’16


“I think that the Gender Studies Minor offers a great opportunity to graduate students seeking to extend their research to gender related topics. Since it is also an interdisciplinary area, it allows you to concentrate on your own field, while adding the gender perspective.

—Manuela Fernandez-Pinto, PhD History ’14

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