John Quinones: What Would You Do?


Location: DeBartolo 101

John Quinones: What Would You Do? Words of Wisdom about Doing the Right Thing



Location: Debartolo 101

As creator and host of the critically-acclaimed and highly-rated ABC hidden camera show, “What Would You Do?”, John Quiñones forces all of us to take a close look in the mirror. What do we do when we witness injustice, racism, bullying? Do we step in or, do we step away? In his new book, What Would You Do?: Words of Wisdom About Doing the Right Thing, Quiñones - who has been called, “the personification of the moral compass” - takes us behind the scenes of the show and shares stories from the many parts of his colorful life: from his humble beginnings in the barrios of San Antonio, Texas to his amazing career as a network journalist.

Book Signing immediately following Q&A.

Co-sponsored by the Notre Dame Center for Arts & Culture, The Gender Relations Center, The Committee on Sexual Assault Prevention, and The Department of Film Television and Theater.

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